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Soc Trang poor patients get free eye surgery

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Ophthalmology doctors from Ho Chi Minh City have provided free eye operations to some 200 disadvantaged patients in the Mekong delta province of Soc Trang.

From January 9 to January 10, ophthalmologists from Nguyen Trai Hospital conducted free eye surgery for 200 poor people, who suffered from cataract diseases. The operations were performed at the General Hospital of Long Phu District and the province’s Eye Center.

The Sai Gon Giai Phong newspaper management and the Sponsoring Associations for Poor Patients in the city covered the cost of the operations, which was around VND160 million.

In addition, benefactors and enterprises through the Xuan Nhan Ai (Charitable Spring) program raise money for the operations. The Vietnam News Agency office in the Mekong delta, from the city of Can Tho, also gave patients gifts worth VND300,000.

Source: SGGP

Soc Trang province to get pediatrics hospital

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Soc Trang province to get pediatrics hospital

QĐND – Monday, June 07, 2010, 20:58 (GMT+7)

The construction of a 400-bed pediatrics hospital kicked off in SocTrangCity in the Mekong Delta province of the same name on June 7.

Party Politburo member and permanent member of Party Central Committee Secretariat Truong Tan Sang attended the ground breaking ceremony.

The 830 billion VND complex which includes a 15-storey main building will take four years to complete.

This is the second specialist hospital in the province, the first being the Soc Trang Lungs and Tuberculosis Hospital, which has been operating for three years already.

The Chairman of the Soc Trang Provincial People’s Committee, Huynh Thanh Hiep, asked the investors and contractors to ensure the quality of the project and make sure it remains on schedule. He also instructed the medical sector to train up paediatric medical staff in the use of modern equipment.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Soc Trang: 200 billion VND for Khmer people

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Soc Trang (VNA) The Government distributed over 200 billion VND in 2008 to launch a social welfare project to help improve the living standards and production development of the Khmer people in the southern province of Soc Trang .

Le Van Can, vice chairman of the provincial People’s Committee said that 20,662 poor Khmer households need assistance with housing, power and a safe water supply.

As of September 2008, the province has built 6,800 houses to be given to those in need and provided 34 billion VND for localities to build safe water supply stations.

Thanks to the assistance they have received, approximately 90 percent of Khmer houses now have access to a safe water supply.

The province also offered five-year, interest-free loans worth 50 million VND each to householders to assist them in the construction of houses and to help develop their businesses.-

Soc Trang to offer training incentives

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SOC TRANG — Students from poor families, especially those belonging to the ethnic Khmer community in Soc Trang, will be offered more incentives to take advantage of vocational training facilities, say provincial authorities.

The province plans to reduce or remove tuition fees for students coming from poor Khmer families, organise awareness campaigns about vocational training and the potential to generate self-employment, they add.

The officials were speaking at the closing session of a conference held last week to review the sector’s progress over the first nine months of the year.

The southern province currently has over 700,000 people of working age, of which the Khmer account for 30 per cent, according to the Department of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs.

Each year, 10,000 to 12,000 people join the labour pool, mostly from rural areas. So, vocational training and creation of jobs for labourers, especially rural labourers in the areas where Khmer people live, is becoming an urgn problem.

Soc Trang has established a vocational college, an employment centre, nine vocational training centres in districts and towns and many guild villages.

In recent years, Soc Trang Province has invested tens of billions of dong into building facilities for vocational training centres in local areas.

Phan Van Thang, director of the Soc Trang Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, said 15,438 labourers have been trained in the first nine months this year, of them 146 have been sent to work abroad.

The unemployment rate decreased from 6.7 per cent to 5.7 per cent, and the unemployment period among rural workers decreased from 24 per cent to 21 per cent.

The number of trained labourers in the workforce increased from 14 per cent to 18.9 per cent.

Despite achievements, the conference was told that the vocational training sector continued to face many problems.

A survey conducted in the districts of My Xuyen, Long Phu, Ke Sach, My Tu, Thanh Tri and other places showed that vocational training centres had good facilities but did not attract many trainees.

Pham Van Huong, director of the My Tu vocational training centre, explained that although the Government had issued many supportive policies on labour, employment and vocational training for rural labourers, poor households were not aware of the value of learning new trades.

Limited awareness and fear of living away from home were inhibiting factors for most rural labourers, he said.

There are also people who want to learn a trade, but will only go to centres, if the government paid for living expenses including accommodation, food and travel, according to Huong

The shortage of qualified teachers in the centres was also a problem that needs to be addressed, Huong said.

Since the training provided did not match current market needs, the rate of unemployment among the trainees was high at about 40 per cent.

In the coming months, the department will work to orient facilities in the province towards training workers who can be sent abroad as guest workers. Priority will be given to building facilities and procuring the needed equipment for this purpose. —

Soc Trang has plenty of bounce

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Aiming high: Soc Trang’s forward (left) tries to throw the ball in the clash against Air Force-Air Defence at the National Basketball Championship in HCM City. — VNA/VNS Photo Quang Nhut

HA NOI — The Mekong Delta River province of Soc Trang, which is 231km southwest of HCM City, has been a main centre of basketball in Viet Nam along with HCM City and Air Force-Air Defence for decades.

Basketball has yet to develop into a professional sport like football or volleyball in Viet Nam but Soc Trang, HCM City and Air Force-Air Defence are the main training centres for national squad players.

In Viet Nam, Soc Trang has the best local team, organising tournaments at different levels from district to club, and providing the national team with the best men’s and women’s players for international competitions.

Team of stars

The team, which has dominated the national championships in both men’s and women’s sides, has gifted Viet Nam with stars including Tiep Rida, Trinh Nhan Duc, Na Ri, Trieu Khanh and Minh Luyen, who helped the men’s team win the championship.

Duc, 24, who trained in the sport from the age of five before joining the national team when he was 16, has been a key player of the national squad ever since. The playmaker could have played for a Thailand team after wowing the audience at an International Friendly Tournament in China five years ago but elected to stay at home.

However, basketball in Viet Nam, which is at an amateur level and ranks sixth among countries in the Southeast Asia region, has not attracted sponsors to fund the future development of the sport.

Meanwhile, the women’s team, which was started in 2000, dethroned the mountainous northern province of Yen Bai in 2005.

The youngsters from Soc Trang then took major positions in the national women’s team, which was long dominated by Yen Bai.

Lam Thu Hang, who won ‘Miss Beach’ in the final round of the Miss Viet Nam this year used to play basketball in the women’s Soc Trang team.

Hang, who stands at 1.76m, played for the team at the national championship for years before leaving the court.

Basketball has been one of favourite sports in the province along junk and traditional boat racing.

New regime

The Viet Nam Basketball Federation made the decision to help teams strengthen their squads competing in the championship last year by recruiting foreign players, which saw seven foreign players from the Philippines, China and Mongolia competing in the jerseys of Can Tho, HCM City and Joton.

“Contracting foreign players will make the league more attractive because they will create better competition between domestic and foreign players. Vietnamese players will also learn from the skills and experiences of imported basketballers,” said the Viet Nam Basketball Federation’s (VBF) general secretary, Nguyen Quoc Quan.

“The federation has an open policy that allows all teams to recruit more top foreign players at any time during the championship. The federation intends to increase the quality of the sport in Viet Nam through this policy,” he added.

Viet Nam’s best result to date was four years ago when the women’s team took a bronze medal – the first ever – at the Southeast Asian Basketball Championship in Singapore. —