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Korean, US forces lower alert status: report

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SEOUL (AFP) – North Korea has lowered its military alert status, prompting similar moves by Seoul and US forces as tensions on the Korean peninsula showed signs of easing, a report said Friday.

The apparent moves came as South Korea held its latest war games to simulate an infiltration by North Korean troops across the disputed Yellow Sea border, officials said.

Tensions have been high since the North shelled South Korea’s frontline Yeonpyeong island on November 23.

Yonhap news agency quoted unidentified South Korean government sources as saying that the North recently lifted a special alert it issued on November 21 for its military forces on the coast near the tense sea border.

“The North Korean military recently withdrew an order for special military readiness it had issued in connection with our Hoguk military drills (in November),” a source was quoted as saying.

The South Korean military and US forces in South Korea had consequently reduced their own alert status by one notch to a normal level, the source said.

A defence ministry spokesman declined to comment on the report.

But he told AFP the computerised military exercise involving the South Korean navy and marines “began as planned”, declining to give details.

Navy officials said Friday’s manoeuvres were designed to enhance the South’s capability to repel a surprise landing on islands.

Command posts were involved in the simulated war games but it was unclear whether troops were involved in any physical manoeuvres.

Besides the shelling in November, the North also raised security fears that month by disclosing a uranium enrichment plant to visiting US experts.

But after a difficult year on the Korean peninsula, 2011 started on a more peaceful note.

The North began the year calling for improved relations with Seoul, while South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak Monday also reached out, saying he was open to talks and offering closer economic ties.

Efforts to resume long-stalled nuclear disarmament talks with the North also gained momentum as Beijing urged dialogue and Pyongyang signalled it was willing to return to the negotiating table.

In an unusually cordial statement, carried by its KCNA agency, North Korea said Wednesday the communist nation “courteously proposes having wide-ranging dialogue and negotiations”.

But South Korean officials were dismissive of the comments.

Vice Unification Minister Um Jong-Sik said on KBS radio that the North should show seriousness of purpose by acting on its obligations under a 2005 agreement on denuclearisation and apologising for the November shelling and the sinking of a South Korean warship last year.

Amid the more positive tone, Japan’s foreign minister called for renewed dialogue on the divided Korean peninsula in Washington on Thursday, but said the North should first take “concrete actions” to lower tensions.

Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara speaks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC. AFP

“The nuclear and missile development issue of DPRK (North Korea) is a cause for major concern,” Seiji Maehara said in a speech to a Washington think tank before meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“What is most important is that a North Korea-South Korea dialogue be opened up,” Maehara said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Source: SGGP

Hyundai Motor may win bidder status for construction firm

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SEOUL, Dec 22, 2010 (AFP) – South Korea’s Hyundai Motor will likely be named preferred bidder for the country’s largest builder, a major shareholder of the builder said Wednesday, after rival Hyundai Group was pushed out of the race.

Nine creditors with a combined 34.88 percent stake in Hyundai Engineering and Construction will vote at an unspecified date on whether to name Hyundai Motor preferred bidder, Ryu Jae-Han, head of state-run Korea Finance Corp, told Dow Jones Newswires.

On Monday creditors walked away from an initial deal to sell their stake to the Hyundai Group, saying it did not give them enough information about how it would finance the reported 5.51 trillion won (4.9 billion dollar) cost.

When asked whether Hyundai Motor, which lost the preliminary deal in November, would be chosen as preferred bidder this time, Ryu said he “can’t deny” the possibility.

“I can’t deny that the current atmosphere makes it seem that way, but that’s something that the creditors need to vote on. We’ll have to see how the process plays out,” Dow Jones quoted Ryu as saying.

If the deal goes through Hyundai Motor would become the construction company’s biggest shareholder.

The takeover battle is part of a family feud over the former Hyundai empire, which was split into separate units after the death of its billionaire founder Chung Ju-Yung in 2001.

Hyundai Motor, headed by the founder’s second son Chung Mong-Koo, was hived off almost a decade ago as a separate entity. With affiliate Kia Motors, it is now the world’s fifth largest carmaker.

The construction firm came under creditor control in a debt-for-equity swap in 2001 amid lingering fallout from the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis.

The Hyundai Group — which includes a shipping firm, a brokerage, a tour company that operates projects in North Korea and an elevator maker — initially outbid Hyundai Motor for the construction firm.

The group’s chairwoman Hyun Jeong-Eun is the founder Chung’s daughter-in-law.

But creditors said Hyundai Group failed to submit detailed information about its financing of the acquisition, particularly a 1.2 trillion won loan obtained from French bank Natixis.

Source: SGGP

Traffic information channel raises VOV status

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Vietnam ready for its new status

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Vietnam ready for its new status

QĐND – Thursday, April 08, 2010, 21:21 (GMT+7)

Fifteen years after joining ASEAN, Vietnam has made many significant contributions to the development of the most important organization in the region. Assuming the 2010 ASEAN Chair is a great honour but also an uphill task for Vietnam.

A series of related meetings have been taking place in Hanoi this week as part of the 16th ASEAN Summit (ASEAN 16) hosted by Vietnam in its role as the ASEAN Chair. Vietnam is keen to ensure the success of the ASEAN meetings and act effectively as the ASEAN Chair, showing its rising status in the region and international arena.

Vietnam takes on many responsibilities in 2010, which is a pivotal year for ASEAN and marks a five-year process towards creating an ASEAN community by 2015 and the one year that the ASEAN Charter has been in effect.

Vietnam has made a number of proposals for ASEAN’s cooperation and operations in 2010 with top priority being given to reinforcing unity and cooperation, enhancing regional links to realise the target of building the ASEAN community, bringing the ASEAN Charter to life and expanding comprehensive cooperation between ASEAN and its partners.

The theme “Towards an ASEAN Community: From Vision to Action” that Vietnam has chosen for its Year as ASEAN Chair demonstrates the country’s determination to build a strong and united ASEAN community.

Vietnam has linked up with other ASEAN member countries to reach its set targets with a focus on building the three main pillar communities and implementing the second phase of the plan to narrow the development gap within ASEAN to stick to the timetable for creating the ASEAN community by 2015.

Vietnam is strongly confident of its role as ASEAN Chair in 2010 after playing an active part in the regional bloc in 2009- the year Vietnam took over the ASEAN Chair. The country has spared no effort to promote cooperation in every field between ASEAN and non-bloc partners and performed well its role as Vice Chair of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF). It was also chair of the working party on the ASEAN Integration (IAI) Work Plan for Narrowing the Development Gap while helping to bring the ASEAN-Canada dialogue to success.

Last year, Vietnam also actively participated in the implementation of the ASEAN Charter and the roadmap for creating an ASEAN community which laid the foundation for Vietnam taking over the ASEAN chairmanship in 2010 and raising its voice and status at regional and international forums.

ASEAN 16 opens in Hanoi on April 8 along with other related meetings.  With a positive and responsible attitude, several sub-committees under the National Committee for ASEAN 2010 have already finalised all the logistical preparations for the event, including the media, security and medical care to make ASEAN 16 a great success.

ASEAN 16 offers an excellent chance for Vietnam to promote its image as a dynamic country with an external policy of independence, friendship and regional and international integration.

Source: VOVv

Source: QDND

Minh Ly sect receives legal status

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HCM CITY — The Minh Ly Dao – Tam Tong Mieu (Minh Ly sect under the Three-Religion Temple) has received official permission to practise their religious rites.

Head of the Governmental Commission for Religious Affairs, Nguyen The Doanh, presented the legal status certificate at his office headquarters in HCM City yesterday.

The religion’s chief prelate said at the ceremony that the entire Minh Ly religion, from clerics to followers, were very grateful to the Government and relevant agencies for recognising their belief.

He also pledged to enhance religious practice in accordance with the sect’s principles and national law.
The Minh Ly sect had made considerable contributions to humanitarian and charitable movements and promoted a spirit of leniency, happiness and development, Doanh said.

He called on clerics and followers of the Minh Ly Dao religion to help in the cause of national development.

Founded 85 years ago, Minh Ly Dao-Tam Tong Mieu now boasts some 1,000 followers. It has one temple in HCM City, and one each in the southern provinces of Ba Ria-Vung Tau and Long An.
The religion combines the faiths of three major Oriental religions dedicated to Budda, Fairies and Saints. — VNA/

Minh Ly sect receives legal status

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HCM City (VNA)- The Minh Ly Dao-Tam Tong Mieu (Minh Ly Sect Headquartered in the Three-Religion Temple ) has been officially recognised by the Government for religious operations in Vietnam.

The legal status certificate was handed over to the 85-year-old religion by the Head of the Governmental Commission for Religious Affairs, Nguyen The Doanh, at its Headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City on October 17.

The religion’s Chief Prelate said at the certificate-awarding ceremony that the entire Minh Ly religion, from clerics to followers, bore profound gratitude to the Government and relevant agencies for recognizing their belief.

He also pledged to boost religious practice in accordance of the sect’s principles and national law as well.

The Minh Ly sect has made considerable contributions to humanitarian and charitable movements and promoting the sprit of leniency in the interest of a society of leniency, happiness and development, Doanh said.

He called on clerics and followers of the Minh Ly Dao religion to harmonise spiritual with temporal and become an integral part of the great national unity for the common cause of national development.

Minh Ly Dao-Tam Tong Mieu now boasts some 1,000 followers and three temples in Ho Chi Minh City , the southern provinces of Ba Ria-Vung Tau and Long An.

The religion combines the faiths of three major Oriental religions dedicated to Budda, Fairies and Saints.–