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More than 7,000 poor women nationwide receive houses

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More than 7,000 poor women nationwide receive houses

QĐND – Friday, January 07, 2011, 21:29 (GMT+7)

The Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) Central Committee announced at a meeting on January 6 that its local chapters have raised more than VND64 billion to help build 7,000 houses for women in difficult circumstances.  

Last year, a campaign to build houses for poor women was launched nationwide and receive valuable support from international and domestic businesses, organizations, benefactors and local union members, said Tran Thanh Binh Vice President of the VWU Central Committee.

The Vice President highlighted great efforts made by provinces, cities, the union’s chapters and members in building houses for poor women.

The VWU Central Committee urges its local chapters to continue with the “Day for the Poor Women” campaign and ensure that at least two poor women will receive new houses a day this year.

The VWU Central Committee granted certificates of merit to 12 most outstanding students who achieved the highest markets at the university entrance exams in 2010.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Mobilised interest rate less than 15 percent/year

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Mobilised interest rate less than 15 percent/year

QĐND – Saturday, December 11, 2010, 21:8 (GMT+7)

As from December 11, commercial banks will increase their mobilised interest rate from 12 to 15 percent/ year.  

The decision was made at a meeting on December 10 between the State Bank of Vietnam’s (SBV) HCM City branch, the Vietnam Banking Association and commercial banks.

Under the decision, commercial banks will fix the maximum mobilised interest rate at 14 percent/year. In case of promotions in cash or gifts, the real interest rate enjoyed by depositors will not surpass 15 percent/year. Any bank which violates this decision, will be subject to sanctions from management agencies.

Despite a drop in interest rates after the SBV examined commercial banks, the highest mobilised interest rate remain at 15.5-16.5 percent/year.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Haiti cholera spreading faster than predicted: U.N.

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Haiti’s deadly cholera epidemic is spreading faster than originally estimated and is likely to result in hundreds of thousands of cases and last up to a year, a senior U.N. official said on Tuesday.

Since the disease first appeared in mid-October it has killed 1,344 people as of Friday in the poverty-stricken and earthquake-ravaged Caribbean nation.

But U.N. humanitarian coordinator in Haiti Nigel Fisher said the real death toll might be “closer to two thousand than one” because of lack of data from remote areas, and the number of cases 60,000-70,000 instead of the official figure of around 50,000.

Addressing a U.N. news conference by video link from Haiti, Fisher said experts from the World Health Organization were now revising their estimate that the diarrheal disease, spread by poor sanitation, would cause 200,000 cases within six months.

“They are now revising that to 200,000 in closer to a three-month period. So this epidemic is moving faster,” he said, adding that it was now present in all 10 of Haiti’s provinces. “It’s going to spread.”

“The medical specialists all say that this cholera epidemic will continue through months and maybe a year at least, that we will see literally hundreds of thousands of cases,” Fisher said.

It was “almost impossible to stop the spread of these cases because it is so contagious, and those who carry the cholera bacterium often take days to show it, and in that (time) they may move anywhere,” he added.

Fisher said U.N. and other aid workers needed to “significantly ratchet up” their response, including going through faith groups to distribute chlorine tablets to purify water, and increasing the number of treatment centers.

But he said opening new treatment centers was running into resistance from local authorities because of people’s fears of having them in their neighborhoods.

The anti-cholera campaign has been complicated by unconfirmed reports that U.N. peacekeepers from Nepal brought the disease to Haiti, where it had been absent for 100 years.

At least two people were killed and dozens were injured in clashes last week between U.N. troops and protesters. The United Nations has blamed the trouble on political agitators looking to inflame tensions ahead of elections next Sunday.

Edmond Mulet, head of the U.N. MINUSTAH peacekeeping mission in Haiti, told the news conference there was still “no scientific evidence” the epidemic had come from the Nepalese and that all tests carried out had proved negative. But experts continued to investigate, he said.

Source: SGGP

More than a million Atlantic sharks killed yearly: study

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Nissan recalls more than half a million vehicles in Americas

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Furniture export expected to achieve more than US$4 billion

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More than 5.8 million tonnes of rice exported in ten months

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Alcohol more harmful than heroin, crack cocaine: study

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Vietnam to have less than 20 ministries by 2015

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Vietnam to have less than 20 ministries by 2015

QĐND – Wednesday, October 13, 2010, 20:29 (GMT+7)

A draft State administrative reform plan has set a target of reducing the number of ministries and ministerial-level agencies to under 20 by 2015.

The number will be further reduced to 15 by 2020, according to the programme that was discussed at a seminar jointly held the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh province on October 12.

The draft aims to define clearly the functions of state administrative agencies in line with the socialist-oriented market mechanism, eliminating the overlapping in function among administrative agencies.

It also targets an annual 10-percent reduction of expenses that organisations and individuals have to pay for administrative procedures.

The one-stop-shop mechanism will be applied in all administrative agencies by 2013 and the rate of satisfaction with services provided by administrative agencies will reach 85 percent of users by 2015, said the programme.

Participants to the seminar, who came from 23 Northern provinces and cities, spoke highly of administrative reform measures put forth by the MoHA. However, they said several objectives in the programme are not feasible such as the goal to have 100 percent of communal cadres receive training.

They also emphasised the lack of suitable salary reform as well as poor investment for the overall administrative reform programme.
Many delegates proposed the building of a supervision mechanism by people and businesses for state administrative agencies. There needs to be regulations on the responsibility of heads of administrative agencies as well as punishments when their staff commit any wrongdoing, they said.

Concluding the seminar, MoHA Deputy Minister Nguyen Tien Dinh said the ministry will continue to revise the draft, taking into account the opinions of local governments, sectors and ministries.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

More than 200 million eggs recalled in US salmonella scare

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WASHINGTON, Aug 18, 2010 (AFP) – A US egg producer has recalled more than 200 million chicken eggs apparently contaminated with salmonella bacteria after hundreds of reported cases of illness, the FDA reported Wednesday.

AFP/File – A US egg producer has recalled more than 200 million chicken eggs apparently contaminated with salmonella

The eggs were produced by Wright County Egg in Galt, Iowa, and sold around the country under 143 different brands, and are packed in boxes of six, 12 and 18 eggs.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it had been investigating since late June. It found almost four times the usual rate of salmonella-related illness being reported, an FDA statement said.

Salmonella can cause intestinal infections and is transmitted by foods contaminated by animal fecal matter.

Source: SGGP