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Vietnam to import 20,000 tonnes of meat

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Dung Quat refinery plans 4.9 million tonnes in 2011

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More than 5.8 million tonnes of rice exported in ten months

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Providing 400 tonnes of rice and 1,000 cows to central flood victims

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Mexico seizes 105 tonnes of marijuana

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 Mexican authorities seized over 105 tonnes of marijuana in the border town of Tijuana after a clash with drug traffickers, in the largest such seizure in recent years, the military said.

Over 10,000 packages of marijuana were seized, weighing in at some 105 tonnes, and 11 people were arrested in the operation, General Alfonso Duarte told reporters.

The drugs had a value of around 335 million dollars on the Mexican street, but their worth could double or triple if sold in the United States, where the traffickers had been attempting to enter, Duarte said.

File photo shows a Mexican Federal Police agent patrolling the streets of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

It is the largest seizure in years amid an increasingly brutal war on drug cartels that has seen some 28,000 deaths since President Felipe Calderon launched a crackdown in 2006 with the deployment of 50,000 troops.

Mexico’s border regions, especially the major towns directly on the US frontier, have witnessed the brunt of the conflict with notable spikes in particularly gruesome violence in Tijuana — neighboring California — and Ciudad Juarez, which borders Texas further to the east.

In Mexico’s notorious border city of Ciudad Juarez, gunmen burst into a private party and shot dead nine people, including six members of one family, security officials said Monday.

Four people died on the spot, two others died in hospital, and the remaining two were hunted down by the gunmen and shot dead near the airport, police said of the late Sunday slaughter.

Nine others were killed in separate attacks in the past 24 hours in Mexico’s most violent city, across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, police said.

Some 6,500 people have died in Ciudad Juarez in the past three years in killings blamed on turf wars between the Juarez and Sinaloa drug gangs and their hitmen over lucrative smuggling routes into the United States.

More than 28,000 people have died nationwide in suspected drug violence since December 2006, when the government launched an offensive against the gangs with the deployment of some 50,000 troops.

Source: SGGP

Rice exports hit 5.4 million tonnes

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Rice exports hit 5.4 million tonnes

QĐND – Saturday, October 09, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Vietnam exported nearly 5.4 million tonnes of rice worth over 2.2 billion USD in the first nine months of the year, representing respective increases of 8.51 percent in volume and 12 percent in value.

According to the Vietnam Food Association (VFA), the average price of Vietnamese rice reached over 422 USD per tonne, up 16.43 USD per tonne compared with the same period of last year.

Between July 15 and September 15, businesses bought over 972,000 tonnes of rice, fulfilling 97.21 percent of the target of having one million tonnes in reserve.

VFA plans to ship 1.2 million tonnes of rice in the fourth quarter of 2010, raising the total export rice volume in the year to 6.6 million tonnes.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Mekong Delta to export 600,000 tonnes of tra fish in 2010

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Mekong Delta to export 600,000 tonnes of tra fish in 2010

QĐND – Tuesday, May 18, 2010, 7:55 (GMT+7)

The Mekong Delta provinces will export 600,000 tonnes of tra fish in 2010, worth 1.5 billion USD, up nearly 160 million USD over the previous year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

To achieve this goal, the region will expand the tra breeding area to 8,600 hectares this year, up 2,440 hectares against 2008. The expansion will be mostly in Dong Thap, An Giang, Tien Giang, Vinh Long, Hau Giang, Ben Tre province and Can Tho city.

The Mekong Delta provinces pledge to created favourable conditions for local farmers to boost sales on the domestic market through wholesale fish markets, restaurants and hotels.

To ensure an adequate long-term supply of tra fish, MARD plans to establish four high-quality breeding farms in An Giang, Dong Thap, Ben Tre province and Can Tho city. The ministry will also equip nine tra farming provinces and cities with a laboratory to check on the quality of feeds, fish fries and fish products.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

200,000 tonnes of coffee to be kept in reserve

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200,000 tonnes of coffee to be kept in reserve

QĐND – Thursday, April 15, 2010, 21:4 (GMT+7)

The Prime Minister has allowed businesses to buy and stockpile a maximum of 200,000 tonnes of coffee from the 2009-2010 crop.

Accordingly, businesses will buy coffee for storage from April 15 to July 15, using State-subsidised loans with an interest rate of 6 percent/year for six months. 

The PM asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to work with the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) and the Vietnam Coffee and Cacao Association to define the volume of coffee in stock. Provincial People’s Committees are responsible for inspecting the use of State-subsidised loans to buy coffee for storage.

The Government leader also urged the MARD, the MoIT and other relevant ministries and agencies to map out a plan for coffee storage in June to control the price of coffee for export when the global price is likely to fall in the next few months.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

VN to export 2 m tonnes of rice in 2nd quarter

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VN to export 2 m tonnes of rice in 2nd quarter

QĐND – Saturday, April 10, 2010, 21:8 (GMT+7)

Local food companies expect to export around 2.1 million tonnes of rice in the second quarter of this year, according to the Vietnam Food Association (VFA).

The VFA said demand on the world rice market remains unstable, driving down the short-term prices for the staple.

At present, Vietnamese exporters are still finalizing contracts to export 800,000 tonnes of rice to the Philippines. Yet, 25 percent of the package has been sold through foreign intermediaries at relatively low prices.

Pham Van Bay, VFA Vice President said local exporters are now facing more competitive contestants – Myanmar and Pakistan–which offer rice at lower prices.

Therefore, he said, the VFA will provide flexible guidance to farmers and companies in order to increase their exports to the world in the coming time.

The VFA advised farmers not to hastily sell off their stores, confirming that the second state acquisition of rice, 500,000 tonnes, will be conducted at the unchanged price level of 4,000 VND (over 0.2 USD) per kg of unhusked rice.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

5,500 tonnes of poly propylene to be shipped to Japan

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5,500 tonnes of poly propylene to be shipped to Japan

QĐND – Friday, October 23, 2009, 21:15 (GMT+7)

Dung Quat oil refinery is expected to ship 5,500 tonnes of propylene to Japan on Oct. 23.

The country’s first refinery, which is located in the central Quang Ngai province’s Binh Son district, resumed operation on Oct. 1 after 20 days of tackling with a problem with its residue fluid catalytic cracking system.

Its capacity is being raised from 65 percent to 100 percent. At present, 13 out of its 14 technical workshops are operating in a stable condition and turning out eight commercial products and the remaining one which treats sulphur will be operated in the next few days.

To date, the refinery sold 18,500 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas, 55,000 tonnes of A92 petrol, 8,000 tonnes of kerosene, 49,000 tonnes of diesel, 17,000 tonnes of fuel oil and 1,200 tonnes of propylene.

Earlier, the refinery imported an additional 80,000 tonnes of crude to serve its operation at its full capacity by the end of this month.

At full capacity, the refinery will produce annually 1.9 million tonnes of petroleum, 3 million tonnes of diesel, 290,000 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas, 110,000 tonnes of propylene, 410,000 tonnes of jet fuel, and 320,000 tonnes of fuel oil.

Source: VNA

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