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Tet tours see surge in bookings

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Most tourist companies have said that several people plan to travel domestically and overseas during the Tet (Lunar New Year).

Children playing a popular game, in the ancient village of Pho Cao. This village is over 100 year old and it is located in Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province (Photo: My Hanh)

Nearly all domestic tours with flights from February 4-6, or January 2-4 in the lunar calendar, have been booked in advance. Schedules to Nha Trang, Phu Quoc and Con Dao are highly booked.

Similarly, tourist companies have stopped bookings for tours to Singapore, Thailand, China, Korea and Japan. They now expect that many people will book road tours, which depart from February 7.

Nguyen Van My, director of Lua Viet Travel Company, said that this year Singapore has become the ‘hot’ foreign tourist destination, instead of Thailand. After a short period of growth, people wanting to visit Cambodia, is slightly reduced.

Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai, PR manager of Fiditour Tan Dinh Travel Company, said that the number of people purchasing tickets to travel abroad, is higher than compared to the same period last year.

Fiditour is hoping to receive about 15,000 visitors during the coming Tet holidays, 30 percent up from last year’s same period. They said that 40 percent of the visitors would travel abroad, a 20 percent increase to that of 2010.

Meanwhile, the leading tour operator in Vietnam Saigontourist said 2,500 people have booked tours to travel abroad. The company is expected to see a 20 percent increase in the number of people traveling this Tet, as compared with the previous.

More new domestic tours 

The domestic tourism in three recent years has seen a high growth. In 2010, the number of people traveling domestically was over 27 million visitors. The toll is forecast to rise to 31 million this year.

Travel companies have diversified many tours in order to attract more tourists. Many of them have introduced several new and original touring ideas. 

Specifically, The He Tre Travel Company is providing a special tour to discover famous tourist destinations, in the northeastern region, over six days and nights.

The journey begins at Dong Van stone plateau; leading through Lung Cu, Ma Pi Leng Mountain pass, Gam River, Na Hang, Nang River and finally finishing at Ba Be Lake.

Tran The Dung, the company director, said that the tour will cut short the distance to travel between the Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan Province, and Dong Van stone plateau in Ha Giang Province, as the two places are be connected by the Gam and Nang rivers. This tour has attracted 70 customers, within one month of its opening.

This tour will depart on February 10, with the package price of VND10.5 million per person, including the cost of the flight.

Welcoming the New Year’s Eve at remote islands is also a desirable location chosen by many travelers.

Fiditour said it would provide a three-day tour to Phu Quoc Island by plane, which departs on January 27, or December 30 of the lunar calendar. The total cost is VND4.5 million per person.

In the meantime, the Saigontourist announced a three-day trip, priced at VND1.7 million, to greet the Lunar New Year, in the Central Highlands. Travelers will depart on February 4 and February 6.

Source: SGGP

Tours increases for Tet holidays

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Tours increases for Tet holidays

QĐND – Friday, January 07, 2011, 21:31 (GMT+7)

Travel agencies have tailored various new domestic and overseas tours to meet the growing demands during the coming long Tet holidays.

Mrs. Doan Thi Thanh Tra, Head of the Marketing Office of Saigontourist, revealed that the company has launched 50 more tours before Tet holidays for local tourists and overseas Vietnamese who come home for the Lunar New Year festival.

Joining these tours, tourists can either go shopping to prepare for Tet and visit famous tourist sites as well. Particularly, visitors coming from southern provinces can enjoy the Tet atmosphere in the Northern region.

Saigontourist is expected to serve more than 15,000 tourists, up 15% compared to last year, and some of its domestic and foreign tours during Tet holidays have already been sold out. The recently launched tours before Tet holidays are expected to meet the high demands of customers.

Similarly, Viettravel, Fiditour and BenThanh Tourist have also introduced more than 200 domestic and outbound tours from late December last year to early February, 2011.


Overseas tourist favourite destinations are the US, Japan, Egypt, Australia, Thailand, China, Singapore, Japan and some other countries. Domestic tours mainly are to Nha Trang, Dalat, Hue, Hoi An, Phu Quoc, Ha Long bay, Yen Tu mountain, Sapa Town and Ninh Binh City.

The Hanoi Redtour is expected to serve more than 1,500 tourists during Tet holidays, an increase of 20% compared to the same period last year. Some of its tours have been sold out despite price increases of between 5% and 10% due to increases in exchange rates and transportation expenses. The number of people booking these tours keeps increasing every day and some people even booked tours three months ago.

 Mr. Nguyen Cong Hoan, Deputy-Director of Hanoi Redtour, said the company stopped taking bookings to ensure the service quality and warned tourists of bogus travel companies as their prices might be lower but services are not up to the standards.

Source: HNM

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Ha Long bay tours on Emeraude Classic Cruises

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Ha Long bay tours on Emeraude Classic Cruises

QĐND – Thursday, December 16, 2010, 21:5 (GMT+7)

Ha Long Bay in the northern province of Quang Ninh, one of the most famous tourist sites in Vietnam and in the world, has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign visitors.

A new tour with 3 days and 2 nights to discover the beauty of the bay on Emeraude Classic Cruises has been launched by Slow Pony Adventures Company. Formerly the tour used to last two days and one night.

Besides enjoying wine and the picturesque beauty of the bay on board the cruise, visitors can join various activities such as climbing mountains, rowing kayaks, walking or exploring beautiful grottoes and others.

Launched in 2003, Emeraude Classic Cruise with 12 Superior cabins, 22 Deluxe and 3 Suite cabins can carry 74 passengers.

Source: HNM

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Prices of overseas tours soar up during Christmas holidays

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Prices of overseas tours soar up during Christmas holidays

QĐND – Saturday, December 04, 2010, 20:25 (GMT+7)

The demand for traveling during Christmas and Western New Year’s holiday are high because they fall on weekends, according to several travel agencies.

At present, short-day tours to Central Vietnam, Southeast Asian countries, and China have attracted a lot of visitors, though the price for such a tour has increased by $20 to $80 US.

According to Nguyen Thi Huyen, Deputy Director of Vietran Tour, most of the travelers have booked for Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong (China), and Thailand. The increased service charge and the shortage of accommodations during the end of the year made the fare for such a tour increase by $20 to $60 US compared to other times of the year.

At Vietran Tour, a four-day tour to Hong Kong charges $698 US; a five-day tour to Thailand costs $379 US, depending on the departure day. Tours to Singapore and Myanmar for four days costs $609 and $549 US, respectively.

A representative from Vietran Tour said that it might run out of tours during Christmas and Western New Year while airfares and hotel rooms are limited.

Meanwhile, Hanoi Redtour has increased its price for outbound tours by 3 to 5 percent, compared to normal days. Visitors have chosen Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Singapore, and Malaysia mostly due to big promotion programs there.

Hanoi Redtour is expected to take around 1,000 visitors to tour foreign countries and 500 visitors to tour around Vietnam. Its seven-day tour to Singapore and Malaysia charges $669 US. A four-day tour to Singapore and Hong Kong-Disneyland costs $599 and $679 US, respectively.

Also, on this occasion, Vietravel has launched 9-day tours around Europe and America combining it with a get-together with a family living abroad.

Meanwhile, prices for inbound tours seem not to have increased. According to Hanoi Redtour, a tour to DaNang-Hoi An, Lang Co for four days charges 4.6 million VND; Nha Trang-Dalat for five days costs 5.8 million VND; DaLat for four days costs 5.2 million VND.

During Christmas and Western New Year’s holidays, Fiditour offers a discount program for tours to Con Dao and Phu Quoc with a price of 2.2 million VND for 50 inbound tours each day.

Source: Vnexpress

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

Various tours for Christmas holidays

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Various tours for Christmas holidays

QĐND – Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 21:7 (GMT+7)

Many travel agencies have introduced interesting domestic and foreign tours to meet higher demands of tourists during Christmas and the New Year holidays.

The Ben Thanh Tourist Company has launched special domestic tours, of two or three days each, costing from VND 2 to 3 million, excluding air tickets, from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Can Tho and Vinh Long. 

In addition, there are also several tours to Central provinces such as Danang, Hue and Quang Binh. In particular, the travel agency offers 5%-10% discount for customers buying tours this December.

On the occasion of the opening of a non-stop air route from Ho Chi Minh City to Beijing, TST TOURIST Company has also launched promotional tours to Beijing and Shanghai for customers to celebrate Christmas and the New Year holiday in China, along with other interesting tours to Thailand.

Source: NLD

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Booking for outbound tours increases sharply

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Booking for outbound tours increases sharply

QĐND – Thursday, November 25, 2010, 20:54 (GMT+7)

Preliminary statistics of major travel agencies showed that the number of people booking outbound tours to welcome New Year Festival saw a year-on-year increase of 20 percent.

The increase was attributed to a series of discount programmes abroad.

The tourists mainly booked tours to the Republic of Korea , Thailand , China’s Hong Kong and Macau , Malaysia and Singapore .

Saigontourist has been the first travel agency to offer overseas tours with more than 50 programmes in five continentals. The most special programme will be “Hello Turkey-New Year 2011” with 10 days of many activities of Turkish culture.

The tourism company also opened a tour to South Africa and a New Year tour to Australia , the country welcomes new year at the earliest time in the world. Customers of this tour will have an opportunity to see fireworks above Sydney quay.

Saigontourist marketing official Doan Thi Thanh Ha revealed that over 1,000 tourists have so far booked for abroad tours at the company.

The number of people registered for overseas tours through the Vietravel office in Hanoi and the Hanoi Redtours also climbed to about 700.

Meanwhile, the number of visitors booking for domestic tours by the end of the year was low. Saigontourist said that its number of visitors for domestic tours was equal to 30 percent of abroad tours.

According to the Vietnam Administration of Tourism, the tourism sector had to date fulfilled the goal of welcoming 4.2 million foreign arrivals in 2010 and the total number of foreign arrivals to Vietnam is expected to hit 5 million, an increase of 18 percent over 2009.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Miss Earth tours in Nha Trang

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More river tours to be launched in HCMC

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Vietnam’s leading tour operator offers 50 tours on National Day

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Vietnam’s leading tour operator offers 50 tours on National Day

QĐND – Thursday, August 12, 2010, 20:32 (GMT+7)

Saigontourist Travel Service has introduced more than 50 inbound and outbound tours nationwide on the occasion of the National Day (September 2).

The company’s tour price has not increased compared to normal days although the number of tourists registering for these tours has risen remarkably and is expected to increase by 15 percent against the same period last year.

Pham Duc Hoa, deputy head of the domestic tourism department under Saigontourist said that the company will offer 35 inbound tours including 12 special tours departing from August 30 to September 2.

According to preliminary statistics, domestic visitors have chosen two to three day tours while most overseas Vietnamese selected five to six day tours.

Ms Pham Thu, head of the overseas tourism department, added that so far more than 800 tourists have booked tours to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong (China) and Cambodia.

This summer, Saigontourist has provided tours to more than 98,500 visitors, up over 30 percent against last summer’s figure. The top destinations are Nha Trang, Da Lat, Phan Thiet, Da Nang-Hoi An-Hue, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hongkong (China).

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Foreign tours attract visitors

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Foreign tours attract visitors

QĐND – Wednesday, August 04, 2010, 20:40 (GMT+7)

Domestic travelers have turned their back on domestic tours when the Vietnam Airlines stopped its associated promotion program, except for those who had booked their tours in May and June.

Meanwhile, foreign tours in Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand with reasonable prices and interesting programs are attracting a large number of tourists.

According to travel agencies in Ho Chi Minh City, the number of tourists taking foreign tours has increased sharply.

In July, Saigontourist sold tours to Thailand and Cambodia for more than 2,000 visitors. While, the Viet Tourism Company launched two further tours in Laos every week, which is a two-fold increase compared to June’s figure.

Source: Tuoi Tre

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND