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New TV Singing Contest 2010

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Minh Chuyen of Ha Nam Province on January 2 won the first prize at the Sao Mai Diem Hen (Music Star Rendezvous) music contest 2010.  The contest is organises by Viet Nam Television in order to discover future pop stars.

Singer Minh Chuyen (R) is presented with flowers, after winning the Sao Mai Diem Hen music award contest 2010 on January 2. (Photo:SGGP)

The event took place at Maximax Sport Hall in Ho Chi Minh City.

Luong Viet Quang, from Ho Chi Minh City, took home the ‘Most Favourite Singer’ award, chosen by the audience.

Dinh Manh Ninh from Hanoi, and Ha Hoai Thu from Quang Ninh Province, won the most ‘Promising Singer’ title.

Established in 2004, the Sao Mai Diem Hen musical contest is regarded as one of the most prestigious national musical contests. It is an occasion for young singers to demonstrate their talents in the field of folk-song, opera, pop and rock music.

The Sao Mai Award winners should have many opportunities, to develop further their musical talents and be successful in, their future careers, said organising board member Huyen Thanh.

Pop star Phuong Linh won the event in 2006 and many opportunities developed because of her winning the contest.

Source: SGGP

TV serial for young viewers on summer vacation

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Teenagers and children are enjoying last days of summer vacation with some interesting and useful TV serials.

 A scene in the TV serial titled Mau cua tinh yeu (Color of love).

The 32-part serial titled Mau cua tinh yeu (Color of love) directed by Hung Phuong tells about the effervescency, enthusiasm, spontaneity and humor of young people who live well with a meaningful and exacting goal.

Young singers Luu Minh Tuan (a member of the A# band), Minh Thuan, Thien Vuong, Luong Bich Huu and Khong Tu Quynh take part in the film which is broadcast on Ho Chi Minh City TV’s HTV7 channel from Thursday to Sunday every week at 8.45 pm.

The picture Doi mat (facing) featuring famous actors and actresses including Thanh Thuc, Minh Hang, Minh Luan and Thuy Trang is also attracting people on HTV7 channel from Thursday to Saturday at 1 pm.

The film directed by Nguyen Quang includes 40 parts. It tells about secrets of life of the twin girls Phuong Linh and Phuong Nga.

The 12-part film titled Doi dien voi tu than (Facing with the Death) praises responsibility and spirit’s strength to overcome the difficulties as well as criticizes the way of pragmatic lifestyle of young people.

It is airing on Vietnam TV’s VTV9 channel from Monday to Wednesday at 7.55 pm.

A scene in the film Ngoi den co tich (The legendary temple)

The TV serial Thuy Khuc, named after the main charater in the film, was directed by Dang Luu Viet Bao, focusing on mistakes and humanity in looking for the importance of life goals of every people.

The film consisting of 32 parts attracts audience on HTV7 channel at 8.45 pm.

Ngoi den con tich (The legendary temple) containing interesting and exciting stories is the unique children film on HTV7 channel every Monday at 7 pm.

The film directed by Bui Quoc Bao not only entertains but educates young viewers has been adapted into a 22-episode TV series.

Source: SGGP

New TV show features Khmer community

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New TV show features Khmer community

QĐND – Thursday, August 05, 2010, 20:47 (GMT+7)

A TV series on the culture and lifestyle of the ethnic Khmer people living in Vietnam’s southwest region will be filmed this week.

The 30-part work, titled Hay Cung Em Dieu Sarikakeo (Join Me in the Sarikakeo Dance), is being made by Vang Mien Nam (Southern Gold) Film Studio, a private film and entertainment company in HCM City.

Based on a screenplay by Nguyen Thi Hong Xuan, it is about the life and love of Sophia, a Khmer woman who lives in a small village in Soc Trang province in the early 1980s.

The film recounts Sophia’s time as a Sarikakeo dancer in her native village before she moved to An Giang province and learned weaving.

Sarikakeo is a traditional dance of the Khmer.

Truong Son Hai, the film’s director, said he and his producer chose Xuan’s screenplay because few films had focused on this topic.

“We wanted to spotlight the Khmer people and their culture, lifestyle and dance,” he said.

Hai said his crew would begin filming in the Cuu Long (Mekong) River Delta province of Soc Trang and then in Tra Vinh and Ca Mau. Skilled dancers from local traditional art troupes like Anh Binh Minh will be in the film.

There are nearly 1.3 million Khmer people in the delta, mostly in Soc Trang and Tra Vinh.

The Khmer celebrate their New Year’s festival, the Chol Chnam Thmay, which is similar to Vietnamese Tet Lunar New Year, following the Khmer traditional calendar.

During the festival, dozens of professional artists from local art troupes travel around the three provinces of Tra Vinh, Soc Trang and Ca Mau to perform special programmes featuring the culture and lifestyle of the Khmer.

Local people and visitors can participate in many cultural activities, such as music and singing programmes, traditional games and sports competitions launched by local authorities.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

TV series offers educational methods to teach children

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Actor Viet Anh and little actor Hien Lam take roles of the father, Nam, and 7 year-old son, Bo. (Photo: VTV)

The favorite “My loving children” TV show that not only entertains but educates young viewers has been adapted into a 52-episode TV series by the channel 3 of the national television.  

The show was one of the most highly regarded children’s programs of 2009, aired on VTV3.

For the film every 7-minute episode contains interesting and exciting stories about Bo, 7 year-old little intelligent boy and his father, Nam, offers methods to teach children.

The series will begin broadcasting at 7.55 pm this Sunday on VTV3 and repeat on VTV1 at the same time on following Saturday.


Source: SGGP

VND15 billion to promote Vietnam’s tourism on international TV

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VND15 billion to promote Vietnam’s tourism on international TV

QĐND – Thursday, June 10, 2010, 21:1 (GMT+7)

Promoting Vietnam’s tourism on international television will cost an estimated VND15 billion in 2010, according to the Department of International Cooperation under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Vietnam’s tourism images will now be shown on one international channel, instead of costly advertising on CNN and BBC, around US$300,000 in 2009.

The International Cooperation Department will submit its plans to the Board of National Tourism Action Programme to choose CNN, BBC, StarSport or Discovery.

In addition, the country is also planning to promote its cultural and tourism features in several international magazines in the near future.

Source: HNM

Translated by Vu Hung

Source: QDND

From TV show to reality: Celebrities to save “dance” for fans

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In a break from competition, the stars of “Buoc nhay hoan vu” (Universal Steps) meet with their fans face to face for the first time.

Poster for the Universal Steps’ fan meeting on June 5 at Tan Binh District Event Hall (Photo: Cat Tien Sa)The stars, for the first time, will meet their fans in a relaxed atmosphere, free of the intensity of competition, at the Tan Binh District Event Hall, on the morning of June 5.  The meeting will be extraordinary because there will not be any boundaries between fans, stars and the stars’ judges, as they celebrate their shared love for the spirit of dancing.

A list of participants, including singers Ngo Thanh Van, Siu Black and Doan Trang, Miss International Beauty 2009 Vu Thi Hoang Diep, comedian Minh Beo, their foreign dance partners and dance-sport artist Khanh Thi have confirmed they will be in attendance for the June 5 meeting.

Stars will share their experiences from training for every competition and promise to reveal their secret “unforgettable” moments from the show, such as Siu Black’s tears on her third night of competition and the intense emotions Van felt when her best friend Johny Tri Nguyen picked her up when she fell. In return, fans can ask their favorite artists any questions in the hopes of receiving friendly feedback.

The opportunity to see the stars sing, dance and act live on stage, will further enhance the experience for fans who attend the event, which is free-of-charge.

One day later, the stars will visit the HCMC Center for Training Disabled People and Orphans (Hoc Mon District), which is sure to be emotional as well.  Not only bringing gifts, the stars will visit the needy people with their hearts and empathies on display.  The stars have long anticipated the chance to play with children from the center and have expressed their eagerness to hear their heart wrenching stories.

The “Buoc nhay hoan vu” is the Vietnamese version of the famous U.S’s TV show “Dancing with the stars”.

Source: SGGP

Int’l sport, tourism movies & TV festival opens

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Int’l sport, tourism movies & TV festival opens

QĐND – Friday, May 28, 2010, 20:57 (GMT+7)

The fifth Vietnam International FICTS Festival – Sport, Tourism Movies and TV opened in the central city of Da Nang on May 27.

Franco B. Ascani, President of the Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS), was among guests to the festival.

More than 90 movies, including documentaries, feature films and cartoons from 32 domestic and foreign studios have competed in the four-day festival, which is an activity to mark the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

The festival is also a chance to promote the image of Vietnam and its tourism potentials as well as its people’s great love for sports, helping honour the Vietnamese cultural identities and preserve, restore and develop the country’s traditional sports and folk games.

During the festival, a photo exhibition on tourism and sports, a walk for health and the environment and an international seminar on Vietnam’s sport and tourism movies and television will also be held.

In addition, the organisers will launch a competition for screenplays of films on sports and tourism.

The International FICTS Festival was first held in Monaco in 1982 and then in Milan, Italy, for 28 times.

Since it joined the 103-member FICTS in 1999, Vietnam has participated in the festival for ten times.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Thai authorities shut down protesters’ TV station

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BANGKOK (AFP) – Thailand’s government pulled the plug Thursday on the television channel of “Red Shirt” protesters who have occupied Bangkok’s commercial heartland, defying a state of emergency in the capital.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is under increasing pressure to end the mass anti-government rallies, which have disrupted traffic and caused major shopping centres to close.

Red-shirted supporters of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra clash with riot police during anti-government protests in Bangkok. AFP photo

Abhisit cancelled his attendance at a Southeast Asian summit in Hanoi, where fellow premiers expressed concern about Thailand’s deep political rift, which pits Bangkok’s ruling elite against the mainly poor and rural Reds.

Leaders of the tens of thousands of supporters of fugitive former premier Thaksin Shinawatra have warned they are ready for “war” but the authorities have avoided using force to break up the demonstrations.

Instead the government set its sights on media loyal to the red-clad movement, shutting down its satellite TV channel providing rolling coverage of the rallies, and vowing to clamp down on pro-Red radio stations.

It accused the Reds’ TV of distorting information and inciting unrest, warning that the next step would be a ban on the use of loudspeakers at the protest site, where there was an angry response.

“It is an evil measure by a dictator government,” said Reds leader Nattawut Saikuar from the rally stage.

“The government wrongly thinks that cutting the signal will stop Reds from gathering. We give final word to the government to connect our signal within today, otherwise people will fight for their rights.”

The Reds say the government is illegitimate because it came to power with army backing through a parliamentary vote in December 2008 after a court decision ousted Thaksin’s allies from power.

The Reds have promised another big gathering on Friday, extending more than three weeks of rolling rallies that attracted 100,000 people at their peak.

Abhisit’s government has banned public gatherings of more than five people and given broad powers to police and military under emergency rule announced Wednesday in the capital and surrounding areas.

Tensions have escalated after the Reds forced their way into the parliamentary compound briefly on Wednesday, prompting lawmakers to flee and several senior government figures to be airlifted to safety.

The head office of the Reds’ arch-rivals, the royalist “Yellow Shirts”, was targeted on Thursday with a grenade and gunfire that wounded one policeman, a day after a grenade was reportedly fired into the army headquarters.

The followers of Thaksin, a billionaire telecoms tycoon who lives abroad to avoid a jail term for corruption, fervently support the populist policies he introduced before his ouster in a 2006 coup.

The military has mounted a heavy security response, deploying 50,000 personnel at one point to try to contain the protests, which drew as many as 100,000 people on March 14.

The government wants to avoid a repeat of last April’s clashes with Red Shirts that left two people dead, six months after riot police took on the rival Yellow Shirts in bloody scenes outside parliament.

“We will not seek confrontation. We do not want to create conditions for instability,” said government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn. “At the same time we would like to proceed further with the implementation of the law.”

Under emergency rule, “now officers can destroy the cars that block intersections and they will not have to pay for it,” he told reporters.
Red-shirted supporters of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra clash with riot police during anti-government protests in Bangkok.

Source: SGGP

Anti-Chavez TV channel owner arrested in Venezuela

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The owner of a Venezuelan TV channel that takes a hard line against President Hugo Chavez has been arrested for remarks authorities deemed offensive, sending a powerful signal to government opponents that they should watch their words.

Opposition leaders and human rights groups condemned Thursday’s arrest of Guillermo Zuloaga, the owner of Globovision, who was detained on a warrant by military intelligence agents and released hours later after appearing in court. Critics called the case a major setback for freedom of speech, saying it shows the government is growing increasingly intolerant and authoritarian as its popular support has slipped.

Zuloaga was detained while authorities investigate his “offensive” remarks against the president at an Inter American Press Association meeting in Aruba, Attorney General Luisa Ortega said. Zuloaga had joined other media executives at the forum last weekend in criticizing Chavez’s government for limiting free speech and cracking down on critics.

In this photo taken June 4, 2009, the president of Globovision television channel Guillermo Zuloaga, center, surrounded by bodyguards and media, leaves the attorney general’s office in Caracas, Venezuela.

The Attorney General’s Office said in a statement that prosecutors are investigating Zuloaga for violating a law prohibiting Venezuelans from spreading “false information through any medium,” including newspapers, radio, television, e-mails or leaflets, “that cause public panic.”

Zuloaga, Globovision’s majority shareholder, could face a five-year prison sentence if convicted, the statement said. He was released Thursday night after a judge issued an order preventing him from leaving the country while prosecutors proceed with their investigation.

Zuloaga said agents detained him at an airport in the northwestern state of Falcon as he was preparing to fly his private plane with his wife to the Caribbean island of Bonaire, where they planned to vacation.

His arrest could be a decisive development in Chavez’s drive to rein in a channel he has accused of trying to undermine his government. Globovision has been the only stridently anti-Chavez channel on the air since another opposition-aligned channel, RCTV, was forced off cable and satellite TV in January. RCTV was booted off the open airwaves in 2007.

Chavez said late Thursday, without mentioning Zuloaga’s name, that he is pleased to see justice functioning in Venezuela.

“I respect the autonomy of the branches of government, but I applaud … the end of impunity,” Chavez told reporters before leaving on a trip to Ecuador. “Whoever breaks the law has to respond before the authorities. … Who can criticize that?”

Pro-Chavez lawmaker Manuel Villalba urged prosecutors on Wednesday to investigate Zuloaga for allegedly saying Venezuela’s government is cracking down on critics and purportedly commenting that it was a shame a short-lived 2002 coup against Chavez failed.

Zuloaga said what he did was simply “relate some historical events,” insisting he did nothing wrong and that all Venezuelans have a right to say what they think about public figures such as presidents.

“I have a right to give opinions,” Zuloaga said after his release, speaking at Globovision’s studios while employees applauded and cheered. He called the accusations “ridiculous” and denied he had been planning to flee the country.

Arresting Zuloaga shows Chavez’s government is “acting like a totalitarian government, like Cuba,” said Alejandro Aguirre, president of the Miami-based Inter American Press Association, which has clashed with Chavez for years on free-speech issues.

Zuloaga has previously been singled out by authorities. Last May, prosecutors began investigating him for a suspected “environmental crime” related to wild animals he had hunted and mounted in his Caracas home. The following month, prosecutors charged Zuloaga with usury, alleging unlawful markups at two Toyota dealerships that he jointly owns after authorities seized 24 vehicles being stored at a home he owns.

Zuloaga’s arrest also came three days after opposition politician Oswaldo Alvarez Paz was detained for remarks made on a Globovision talk show March 8.

Alvarez Paz has been charged with conspiracy, spreading false information and publicly inciting crime after remarking that Venezuela has turned into a haven for drug traffickers. He also said he backed allegations by a Spanish judge that Venezuela’s government has cooperated with the Basque separatist group ETA and Colombian rebels.

Chavez has dismissed those accusations as lies. Alvarez Paz stands by his words and denies breaking the law.

Human Rights Watch condemned both arrests.

“To prosecute someone for speech, which should be protected under any standard of democracy, is a dangerous precedent,” Jose Miguel Vivanco, the group’s Americas director, said in a statement. “For years, Chavez has been pushing legislation to restrict free speech. … Now we seem to be entering a darker period in which he is enforcing these draconian laws.”

Miguel Henrique Otero, editor of the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional, said Zuloaga’s arrest shows Chavez’s government is growing more authoritarian and starting to “look more like a traditional dictatorship.”

He said he thinks the government is acting now because Chavez has been losing popularity and “they’re nervous.”

Chavez remains the country’s most popular politician, but his support has dipped as the economy contracts and as Venezuelans cope with inflation, rampant crime and rolling blackouts in parts of the country.

Chavez’s popularity slipped below 50 percent in polls late last year, and has hovered between 40 percent and 50 percent in recent months, said pollster Luis Vicente Leon of the Caracas-based firm Datanalisis.

Source: SGGP

HCMC to host Miss ASEAN TV Charming 2010 contest

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The Miss ASEAN TV Charming 2010 pageant will be held for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City on March 17, 19 and 22, organizer HCMC Television has announced.

Actress Que Tran (L) and broacaster Quynh Mai of Vietnam
The competition has attracted participants from Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia and Singapore.

Each country will send two contestants who are singers, dancers, models, broadcasters or editors to the competition.

The women will compete in four categories including a traditional costume show; a talent performance; an Ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress) show; and a formal evening wear show to be held on the final night.

Representing Vietnam are cai luong actress Que Tran from HCMC and broadcaster Quynh Mai from Hanoi Television.

The first-place winner will receive a cash prize of US$3,000.

The competition tests not only the beauty and grace of the contestants, but also serves as an opportunity for the women to demonstrate their knowledge, aptitude for public speaking, and passion for their work in television.

In addition, the contest offers an opportunity for the competitors to learn more and gain experience in a variety of production fields.

HCMC Television is also the organizer of the “Charming TV Employee” contest, which has been held annually in the city since 2007 with participation of dozens of contestants from local TV stations around the country.

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