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HCMC university makes robot that recognizes human emotions

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Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology on December 28 announced that it has made successful robot recognize human emotions such as surprise, happiness and anger.

Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh and partners at the university’s Electrical – Electronics Department made the robot.

The robot’s leg has three wheels, a roving camera, various software and sensory equipment.

Because of the equipment, the robot can move, locate human faces and recognize human emotions. In particularly, the robot will move towards the human if it recognises the human as sad. However, if the robot recognises the human as happy, it will stay back.

Source: SGGP

Vietnam to establish university of oil and gas

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PetroVietnam Oil & Gas logo

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has recently decided to establish the Vietnam University of Oil & Gas, which will be invested by Vietnam National Oil & Gas Group.

The university, located in Vinh Yen City, northern province of Vinh Phuc, will be managed by the Ministry of Education and Training.

The university is expected to supply high quality human resource to the country’s oil industry.

Most of high quality experts working in the country’s oil industry have been trained in foreign countries such as Russia, the US, the UK…

Source: SGGP

University of Science HCMC receives Labor Hero title

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Prof. Chau honoured at Paris-South 11 University

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Vietnam-Hungary Industry University established

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City Polytechnic University short of apllicants to doctorial programs

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HCM City Polytechnic University may close 24 among 42 doctoral training programs because of shortage of students.

         HCM City Polytechnic University

The school did not have the proper infrastructure and has seen a low PhD graduation rate because most of students still work during their study, representatives of the university explained.

In addition, the annual state budget for PhD training is low, not exceed VND10 million per year for one person. Students must pay for scientific researches out of their own pockets.

The city’s Polytechnic University has trained 87 doctors for 30 years and 4,000 masters from 2000 up to now.

Source: SGGP

Hessen considers VN-Germany university special project

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Hessen’s Minister of Science and Technology Eva Kuhne Hormann ranked the Vietnam-Germany University as the German state’s special project while meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan in Hanoi on September 16.

PM Nguyen Thien Nhan (L) and Hessen Minister of Science and Technology Eva Kuhne Hormann.

This is the first public university to be developed overseas by a German state and a nation, she said, adding that the university’s council is scheduled to meet on November 4 for a final decision on implementation of development plans.

Deputy PM Nhan expressed his hope that the German partner will choose the best suitable model and project management for the university soon.

He said the World Bank accepted a preferential loan for the university’s development.

The Vietnam-Germany University launched its first course in September 2008 in Ho Chi Minh City, focusing on engineering and natural sciences.

The same day, a ceremony was held at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, to grant scholarships from the University Support Organisation (WUS) to 71 students in Hanoi and surrounding areas in the presence of Minister Eva Kuhne Hormann and the WUS President Kambiz Ghawami.

The scholarship recipients are among 165 academically excellent university students nationwide who registered outstanding achievements in their study during the 2009-2010 academic year.

Similar ceremonies will be held in the northern province of Thai Nguyen, central Da Nang city and Ho Chi Minh City in early next year.

Through WUS, Hessen’s Ministry of Science and Technology has granted scholarships to Vietnamese students over the past 15 years. Last school year, it provided 150 scholarships.

Under an agreement between the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training and the Hessen Ministry of Science and Technology signed in September 2007, the German state welcomes 85 Vietnamese students to study at PhD level each year from 2008-2020.

Source: SGGP

Vietnam to have internationally standard university in 2017

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Vietnam to have internationally standard university in 2017

QĐND – Friday, August 13, 2010, 21:0 (GMT+7)

The World Bank will provide 180.4 million USD for Vietnam in the form of preferential credit to build the Vietnam-Germany university.

An agreement to this effect was signed between the State Bank of Vietnam and the World Bank (WB) in Hanoi on August 13.

The project, which is scheduled to complete in November 2017, will develop infrastructure facilities as well as build a policy framework to make the Vietnam-Germany university a leading technology training and research centre in Vietnam, meeting regional and international standards.

The university is expected to enroll 5,000 students each year, half of them will follow post-graduate courses.

The university will include faculties specialised in electric and information technology, civil engineering, bio-technology, economics and industrial technology, computer science and natural science.

Addressing the signing ceremony, State Bank Governor Nguyen Van Giau spoke highly of the WB’s assistance to Vietnam in strengthening education capacity and development, especially tertiary education.

Construction of the university will help improve tertiary education quality in Vietnam, he said.

The project will receive technical assistance from a group of German experts.

The Germany government will finance the development and implementation of teaching programmes and cover expenses for its lecturers who will teach at the university.

Source: VNA/Vietnam+

Source: QDND

University entrance exam results announced

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Universities nationwide on Friday continued to announce results of the university entrance exams this year. However, universities have planned for reducing their standard marks because of low results, aiming to create more chance for students to study in higher education.

Students of HCM City University of Natural Sciences at a class. Studying in higher education is a dream of every high school graduate. (Photo: Mai Hai) 

The national standard mark ruled by the Ministry of Education and Training is the minimum mark for university entrance. However, not all students who get marks higher than the standard marks may have a chance to study in higher education because every university or college regulates its own standard marks, depending on quality of students who apply for the school.

On the same day, plentiful universities in the north also published their results of entrance exams.

Student Duong Hoang Hung came first in the entrance exams of the National Economics University with 29.5 for three exam subjects of A group (mathematics, physics and chemistry).

To date, there are 20 universities announced their university entrance marks.
According to statistics from the Ministry of Education and Training, as many as 1.8 million candidates had registered for this year’s examination, of which 1.3 million had applied for universities and 500,000 for colleges.

Nearly 54 per cent of candidates chose to sit group A subjects, followed by group B (mathematics, chemistry, biology) 19.8 per cent, group D (literature, mathematics, foreign languages 15.2 per cent), group C (literature, history, geography) 8 per cent, and the other groups nearly 3.4 per cent.

Source: SGGP

Foreign students sit for university entrance exams

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Foreign students sit for university entrance exams

QĐND – Friday, July 02, 2010, 21:55 (GMT+7)

Fifty-one foreign students, mostly from the Republic of Korea, sat for university entrance exams on July 1 at HCM City Social Sciences and Humanities University.

Seven visually impaired students will also take the exam, four more than the previous entrance exam period.

Candidates who do not pass the Vietnamese-language test will be able to retake it next year.

The visually impaired students will take their tests in Braille in a separate room.

Universities nationwide have completed preparation for the tests, including selection of rooms, supervisors, security and health offices.

Although Hanoi Power Corporation has promised not to cut power during exams, the Vietnam Academy of Traditional Medicine has set aside electric generators at the test sites.

Many universities around the country could face power shortages during exams. They are working with local power companies and others to ensure that power is maintained.

Thai Nguyen University, for example, said Thai Nguyen Power Company would ensure power during the exams.

Thai Nguyen University has also received financial support from the departments of Transport and Health as well as other relevant authorities.

Because of the large number of candidates, in large cities like Hanoi and HCM City, universities have rented high schools and primary schools for the examinations.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND