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Who manages when securities company leaders join market?

In Uncategorized on July 31, 2010 at 7:19 am

When stocks rise, financial leverages have been exerted by not only investors but employees in securities companies as well.

When stocks rise, financial leverages have been exerted by not only investors but employees in securities companies as well

When the stock market enjoy a slight rise, many securities companies allowed investors to buys a stock on high margin, some very important persons can borrow from the companies to buy securities without money or just little in their account.

Those received special treatment are general directors, directors or employees in stock companies.

When the market headed for 600 points in last October, securities company leaders colluded with some VIP to take money from the company to buy many stocks.

They had only VND20billion but they bought a large quantity of stocks worth up to VND170 billion; however, VN-Index plunges to 430 points, the stocks value decreased by over 30 percent, the group decided to keep the stock with the hope that it will increase again.

The market has maintained below 500 points, the stocks are worth around VND100billion. The group lost VND70billion not including interest. At present, the VIP have made their transaction in other companies, leaders are ordered to pay the debt.

Another loophole is that securities companies allow investors to withdraw their profit right after they gain although they have not yet paid their loan.

Above-mentioned investors usually borrowed money from banks on one-year contracts. Investors must settle these contracts which nearly fall due. Securities companies are under high pressure to seek for new sources of capital or sell all these stocks. Massive selling of these stocks will influence to the market in the current market when VN-Index hovered around 490 points.

It is high time that securities companies and the State Securities Commission must implemented practical measures to protect the market.

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When women do business

In Vietnam Economy on March 9, 2010 at 8:50 am

When women do business

QĐND – Monday, March 08, 2010, 21:7 (GMT+7)

The success of businesswomen takes into account the happiness of their families and the success of their children.

They are successful leaders and businesswomen. They have to exert great efforts to gain and keep a foothold in the market in order to assert themselves by contributing to the society and fulfilling their duties as both a mother and wife as well. Five such women share their thoughts with us on the International Women’s Day (March 8).

Tran Thi Thuy – vice president of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and president of the Vietnam Businesswomen Council:

I joined the Resistance when I was 17 years old. As other women did, I dreamed of simple things that the war would end someday and then I would have a warm and happy family with a good husband who would share both sadness and happiness with me and good, intelligent and affectionate children.

Luckily, my husband is my comrade-in-arms. I have a family as I had expected. After the war, to heal wounds and build a new life in the homeland with a number of war injuries, I had to work while studying.

Our characters grew from the war. We had to suffer a lot of losses. We learned to rely on ourselves I think that each person should learn both from books, school and from work as well as life experiences. Self-training is very important for every one.

As a solider and leader in the renewal process, I thoroughly understand that the country need in businesspeople who are pioneers on two fronts: national liberation and national construction. On every front, they receive enthusiastic support from the whole nation. Currently, businesswomen account for 30 percent of the staff of the total number of 250,000 businesses nationwide, excluding household economic units. Each economic growth figure is attributed to businesswomen. There are more and more businesswomen and the increasing growth of the Vietnam Businesswomen Council demonstrates this.

Nguyen Thu Trang – managing director of the Phu My Port in Vung Tau City.

The role of women is honoured, especially businesswomen, because their achievements are recognised by society. When doing business, difficulties are unavoidable. Leaders and society have acknowledged women’s industriousness, endurance, and flexibility in both work and daily life.

For me, my family is a bulwark support whenever I face difficulties. As a leader I have to show my capacity and bravely to face challenges. Like a ship is in a storm, if a captain is not firm, all the people on ship will be affected.Do Thi Kim Lien, General Director of AAA Insurance Company and the Republic of South African Honourary Consul to HCM City:

In general, businesswomen often face many difficulties because of gender preconceptions. Also, to keep their families happy, women need individual time away from work to fulfil their duties as wives and mothers. However, they have many advantages such as high withstanding, patience and skillfulness. I highly appreciate the role of women in business market now because they have great internal force.

I think either men or women must do business with a great deal of indulgence.

In a leading position, I uphold my duties and responsibilities and supervise my work of those under me. Indeed, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by pressures. Nevertheless, the faces radiant with smiles of my AAA staff, my children and people’s belief in me help me overcome everything, like a machine being constantly supplied with energy.

Do Thi Duc Ly, Chairwoman of Thai Nguyen Businesswomen Council and Deputy General Director of Tan Cuong Hoang Binh Joint Stock Company:

Business, especially women, can suffer if their staff don’t receive sympathy from their families. I myself always wish that I had 35-36 hours a day so I could spend more time taking care of my family and children.

I remember one letter written by my daughter when she was 17 years old, before studying abroad. The letter made me burst into tears. She didn’t have big wish such as money or wealth. She only desired to enjoy a meal with all family members being present with my parents.        

It is not easy at all as both my husband and I are busy managing different companies and caring less about our children. However, luckily, our children still study well and know how to share with us.

Nguyen Ngoc Thuy, Head of Board of Directors and CEO of Bac Lieu Lottery Company:

I’m proud of Vietnamese women in general and businesswomen in particular. I feel that I should exert myself more to earn the confidence of my superiors and staff.

Doing business certainly always has both advantages and disadvantages, especially fierce competitiveness. Therefore, my company and I must constantly try our best. To me, my husband and children are a firm bulwark for my success. 

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Source: QDND

US Airways jet lands when religious item mistaken as bomb

In World on January 22, 2010 at 10:47 am

A US Airways passenger plane was diverted to Philadelphia on Thursday after a religious item worn by a Jewish passenger was mistaken as a bomb, Philadelphia police said.

A passenger was alarmed by the phylacteries, religious items which observant Jews strap around their arms and heads as part of morning prayers, on the flight from New York’s La Guardia airport heading to Louisville.

“Someone on the plane construed it as some kind of device,” said officer Christine O’Brien, a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia police department.

No one was arrested or charged, O’Brien said.

The plane landed without incident and the passengers and crew were taken off the plane, a spokesman for US Airways said.

A plane is escorted by a law enforcement vehicle to a terminal at Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010

Phylacteries, called tefillin in Hebrew, are two small black boxes with black straps attached to them. Observant Jewish men are required to place one box on their head and tie the other one on their arm each weekday morning.

Thursday’s incident was the latest of several false alarms on U.S. flights since the December 25 incident in which a Nigerian man attempted to detonate a bomb in his underpants from materials he smuggled onto the plane just as his flight was about to land in Detroit, authorities said.

The device did not explode and only burned the man, who was pounced on by fellow passengers.

Since then several flights have been diverted by security scares that have turned out to be harmless.

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I’ll play when I’m 40, says evergreen Date-Krumm

In Vietnam Sports on January 21, 2010 at 12:57 am

MELBOURNE, Jan 20, 2010 (AFP) – Japan’s former world number four Kimiko Date-Krumm, enjoying a comeback after more than a decade in retirement, said Wednesday she would continue playing even when she turns 40.

Date-Krumm, who hits the milestone in September, returned to the game in 2008 but her Australian Open dreams were shattered in the first round by Kazakhstan’s Yaroslava Shvedova.

Japanese tennis player Kimiko Date-Krumm gestures during her women’s singles match against Kazakhstan opponent Yaroslava Shvedova on the third day of play at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne on January 20, 2010. AFP photo

Despite the 6-4, 6-2 defeat, Date-Krumm said she planned to be back next year.

“Yes, even when I’m 40. I hope to be back next year as long as I stay injury-free,” said Date-Krumm, who at 64 in the world is Japan’s top-ranked player following the retirement of Ai Sugiyama last season.

Date-Krumm reached the world number four spot in 1995 before retiring a year later after failing to cope with the pressure of life on tour. She married German racing driver Michael Krumm in 2001.

After her comeback in 2008, she lost to Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki, then 18, in the first round at Wimbledon last year.

But in September, Date-Krumm chalked up her first tournament victory in 13 years, which made her the oldest winner of a WTA event since Billie Jean King in 1983.

She said she still felt she could tackle higher-ranked players, as shown by victories this month against two top-20 players — Virginie Razzano and Nadia Petrova.

“I still feel I can keep going,” she said. “I played three seeds at the Sydney International and I feel okay.

“My level has gone up over the past year and I think I have better chances now against the better players.”

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