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Over 100 workers hospitalized after food poisoning

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More than 100 workers in a Can Tho- based company were hospitalized due to food poisoning on December 23.

The workers suffered stomachache, nausea and vomiting after eating the food. Most of them have already recovered, but 61 people are still being treated in hospital.

The company ordered food from a restaurant in Chau Thanh District, Mekong Delta province of Hau Giang in the neighborhood of Can Tho City.

Each portion of food included meat, braised pork, fried fish and soup, for price of VND9,000. 

Agencies in the province are taking food samples for testing, so that they can investigate the cause of the food poisoning outbreak.

Source: SGGP

Over 200 workers hospitalized after food poisoning

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More than 200 workers of the Sametex International Company Limited were hospitalized due to food poisoning in Long An Province on December 16.

Doctor Vo Cong Luan, director of the Long An General Hospital, said that the workers suffered stomach ache, nausea and vomiting after having lunch and dinner at the company.  Most of them have already regained health, but 65 are still being treated at the hospital.

Agencies in the province are taking food samples for testing, so that they can investigate the cause of the food poisoning outbreak.

Source: SGGP

Blue-collar workers struggle in “storm of prices” period

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Although city leaders have adopted measures to stabilize prices, increase of essential commodities like rice, poultry, meat, vegetables, milk, construction materials, medicines and travel services has badly influenced on meager-income residents’ lives including blue-collar workers.

Female workers live in a small boarding house in district 8 ( Photo: SGGP)

Workers from Industrial Park Tan Tao in district Binh Tan thronged into the nearby flea-market in the Highway 1A. A lot of foodstuffs were available for choices, but only two kinds of foods were consumed most are swamp morning-glory and eggs as they are cheaper than meat and other foods.

Dang Hong Nhung, a worker of Pouyuen Vietnam Company, said she and her colleagues have eaten eggs and the vegetable in one week but they couldn’t afford other foodstuff.

Many female workers complained all foodstuffs have increased but their salaries have not changed; they thus choose cheapest vegetable and foods for meals.

Bui Thi Nuong from the central province of Quang Ngai to Ho Chi Minh City to work for a company in Industrial Park tan Thuan in district 7 said she can’t save for healthcare treatment with the total month salary of the couple of VND3.2 million ( US$160) meanwhile she can save VND400,000 for medical treatment.

In the meantime, the couple Nguyen Quang Hai boarding in a small house in a long alley in district Binh Tan must have instant noodle as an alternative for rice which have soared by VND2,000. They have to save to raise two kids in a countryside area with their grandparents.

Many workers fall into such condition. They must leave their children to make some extra cash to send back to relatives who bring up these kids. To cut back expenditure, they have to live in small accommodations in bad conditions.

Tran Thi Hong Van, chairwoman Nissei’s labor union, said the union has petitioned the company to give support for married female workers’ housing, especially those have children but there has no reply from the company. Concerning to the project for construction of pre-schools for kids of laborers, Ms. Van said the company faces financial difficulties so it failed.

To help workers overcome the “storm of prices” period, enterprises in industrial parks give support to workers including increasing bonus, allowance, improving meal quality and salaries for shifts. For instance, Pouyuen companies in Industrial Park in district Binh Tan gives workers VND250,000 a month, Nessei in the export processing zone Linh Trung 1 in district Thu Duc VND200,000. Thanks to the immediate care, employers both keep workers continue working for the companies and reduce strikes.

Source: SGGP

Over 19,000 laid-off workers in Mekong registered unemployment insurance

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Vietnam needs more skilled workers

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Relief workers try to reach Megi survivors in Philippines

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CAUAYAN, Philippines, Oct 20, 2010 (AFP) – Typhoon Megi inched away from the Philippines on Wednesday after killing 19 people, as relief workers scrambled to deliver aid to remote towns that were devastated by the storm.

The governor of the hardest-hit province of Isabela, Faustino Dy said that residents in three coastal towns had suffered massive damage to their homes and were left with limited food supplies after huge waves washed away roads.

Volunteers help clear mudslide near a house in Baguio City, Benguet province, north of Manila on October 20, 2010. AFP

“Their food supply is only up to Sunday. But going there is very difficult. There is no road to reach them,” Dy told reporters in Cauayan, the closest city to the worst-hit towns.

Dy, who had flown by helicopter to the devastated areas, said that as many as 20,000 people were affected.

Many of them had survived by fleeing into the mountains before Megi hit, he and other officials said.

Regional social welfare chief Arnel Garcia said the government planned to send food and tents to the affected towns of Maconacon, Palanan and Divilacan but that both air and sea travel were dangerous.

“Helicopters have to pass through the mountains and the mountain ranges are often covered with clouds,” Garcia said.

US ambassador Harry Thomas said in a statement that US military personnel and equipment that was already in the Philippines for a joint exercise would be diverted for typhoon relief.

“My embassy team is in constant contact with Philippine authorities and NGO (non-governmental organisation) representatives to determine how we can be of further assistance,” Thomas said in a statement issued by the embassy.

Megi smashed mostly farming and fishing areas of northern Luzon with gusts of 260 kilometres (160 miles) an hour on Monday, making it the strongest typhoon in the world this year.

The three million residents of Isabela province and other areas of the Cagayan Valley farming region were the worst hit.

The government raised the death toll to 19 on Wednesday, up from 14 the previous day, after more detailed reports from around Luzon were compiled.

The civil defence bureau said it was still sheltering over 10,000 people in evacuation centres across northern Luzon while roads were being cleared.

Although the typhoon was already over the South China Sea, the government weather station said it had remained almost stationary on Wednesday, hovering over the western coast of the Philippines.

The typhoon, which is still packing maximum gusts of 210 kilometres (130 miles) per hour, is expected to continue hovering throughout the day before moving northeast towards southern China, the weather station said.

The first level of a four-step storm alert remained in effect over several provinces in the northern Philippines due to continuing rain from the typhoon.

Source: SGGP

French workers take to the streets as airport fears ease

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French trade unions staged another massive day of protests Saturday to defend their right to retire at 60, but fears of fuel shortages crippling Paris airports eased as supplies resumed.

Although government estimates of the turnout at the rallies suggested the movement might be losing steam, unions warned that strikes are spreading to more businesses and that a new nationwide protest would be held Tuesday.

Tension has been building since record demonstrations earlier this week with strikes in refineries cutting off fuel supplies to Paris airports and with high school students joining older workers to condemn pension reform moves.

But fears that planes would be grounded at France’s main hub Charles de Gaulle eased as pipelines resumed supplies.

“The fuel supply of the Paris airports resumed Saturday afternoon, which keeps the threat of a shortage away from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle,” said the head of the French civil aviation authority, Patrick Gandil.

People demonstrate in Paris as part of a national day of mass rallies against pension reform.

Nantes in western France became the first airport in the country to cancel flights due to shortages, Gandil said, although a Nantes airport official said there had been no cancellations due to fuel shortages.

According to the interior ministry, 825,000 people took to the streets of towns and cities across the country on Saturday, the lowest official total since protests against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plan began in September.

Unions estimated the turnout at “around three million”, arguing that the numbers were around the same as a previous protest on a Saturday two weeks earlier, and labour leaders insisted the campaign would go on.

“The movement is taking root and growing in terms of the number of companies hit by various forms of strike as in the number of employees taking part in the action,” the powerful CGT union said in a statement.

Sarkozy’s works and pensions minister, Eric Woerth, insisted however that there had been a “significant drop-off” in the number of people taking part from the 1.2 million the government said had marched on Tuesday.

“There were, nevertheless, still lot of protesters. That underlines the government’s duty to explain this reform better,” he said.

Labour wants to force Sarkozy into backing down on his plan to raise the minimum retirement age from 60 to 62, which is in the final days of its journey through a parliament in which the right wing leader enjoys a comfortable majority.

“We’re prepared to demonstrate under the snow if it takes that long,” Airbus worker Stephane Thibault, 37, told AFP at a demonstration in the southern city of Toulouse.

“We’re mobilised, everyone seems motivated. With right-wing governments, we know you have to resist,” he said.

Around 30 people were arrested in central Paris after a group of several hundred anarchists set rubbish bins on fire and threw smoke grenades, but they were prevented from interrupting the main march.

Strikes have shut down 10 out of France’s 12 oil refineries, despite riot police being dispatched to fuel depots to protect deliveries amid panic buying.

The government has given oil companies permission to tap into their own emergency stocks, but has resisted calls to use government-controlled strategic reserves.

Finance Minister Christine Lagarde told RTL television that only 230 service stations out of 3,000 had run dry of fuel. “We have several weeks of fuel stocks,” she insisted.

Nevertheless, reporters found several filling stations shutting down.

“We don’t have any left and we don’t know when the next delivery will come,” said a petrol station worker at a hypermarket outside Paris who gave his name as Jean-Claude. “Petrol reserves are also extremely low.”

Strikes against pension and port reforms at oil depots in the south of the country since September 27 have left 63 oil, gas and chemical tankers waiting off the Mediterranean coast on Saturday, Marseille port authorities said.

French truck drivers are also set to join the protests. “There’s impatience, the guys are saying ‘let’s go’,” said transport union chief Maxime Dumont.

Railway operator SNCF said that on average two out of three high-speed TGV trains were running in and out of Paris, although only one TGV in four outside the capital. The Paris metro was running normally.

Source: SGGP

Medical workers raise quality of treatment, healthcare through movements: Health Minister

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Health Minister Nguyen Quoc Trieu said medical workers have raised quality of treatment and healthcare through joining actively in movements such as studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example, good doctors are also nice mothers of patients, doctors and nurses work following Uncle Ho’s teaching.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan and Doan Thi Ngoc Tram, mother of Dang Thuy Tram, a North Vietnamese surgeon, who was killed during a battle in northern South Vietnam in 1970

Mr. Trieu said this at an annual meeting to review movements among medical workers held by the Ministry of Health on Sep 28 in Hanoi.

The highlight of these movements is that epidemic prevention is conducted actively and effectively. Dangerous diseases like cholera, plague and malaria are under control.

Thanks to good vaccination campaign, infectious diseases in kids like measles, diphtheria, whooping cough and Japan encephalitis have reduced by over 10 percent compared to before.

In addition, the project to send doctors of the central hospitals to rural infirmaries to transfer high techniques to their countryside counterparts helped to reduce 30 percent of pressures on city hospitals and improve healthcare quality in distant regions.

Mothers and children healthcare has been better, contributing greatly to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Mr. Trieu emphasized the sector will focus on decreasing the rate of patients suffering from diseases and deaths as well as improve gender quality and healthcare system.

Attending the event were Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan and exemplary doctors in the country.

Source: SGGP

Nissey workers poisoned after lunch

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A serious case of food poisoning, affecting tens of workers, occurred on Sep.30 at the Nissey Ltd., Company Vietnam in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

Workers rushed to the district hospital after eating poisoned food (Photo: NLD)

About 15 minutes after eating the lunch on Sep 30, many workers felt dizzy and suffered stomach pains, and headaches.

Among them, 32 workers began to vomit and finally lost consciousness. They were rushed to the district general hospital, Tan Thuan Processing Zone Clinic and Sai Gon General Infirmary.

Around 900 had eaten the poisoned lunch provided by their company.

Workers were poisoned after eating rice, sweet-and-sour pork ribs and vegetables, tofu and shallot soup, bitter melon and meat inside, and sausage cooked with sauce.

Most of poisoned workers were discharged from hospitals but 8 who were kept at the district hospital due to serious condition.

Nguyen Tan Hai, chairman of the company’s Labor Union, the company employs 2,000 workers and food brought in from a contracted outside caterer. A serving is worth VND12,000.

The city’s Preventive Health Center is furthering investigation.

Source: SGGP

Four workers killed in fireworks explosion in My Dinh National Stadium

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Four people were killed and three others were injured including some foreign experts who will participate in the firework display when a shipment of fireworks exploded in the My Dinh National Stadium’s Stage C in Hanoi on Oct.6, said a high-ranking officer.

 Smoke rises from the incident (Photo:

Lieut. Gen. Nguyen Duc Nhanh, deputy head of the Security General Department II and director of the Hanoi Police Department, said it was a regrettable accident but would not affect work to ensure security for the capital city’s celebrations.

My Dinh National Stadium is one of 29 sites in the capital where organizers planed firework showcases for Hanoi’s 1,000th birthday celebrations.

Police verified the carelessness during the transportation of the two containers of fireworks caused the blast. Two containers were imported by Hanoi-based International Investment Trade and Service Company (Interserco) to be used in firework displays at the My Dinh Stadium on Oct.10.

Right after the incident, Mr. Nhanh ordered eight vehicles to the site to extinguish the fires, cordon off and examine the scene as well as take injured people to hospital.

Source: SGGP