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Workshop on climate change opens in Da Nang

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Workshop on climate change opens in Da Nang

QĐND – Saturday, May 22, 2010, 21:22 (GMT+7)

A workshop on sharing experiences in coping with climate change was held in the central city of Da Nang on May 21 as part of the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) project funded by US foundation Rockefeller.

Participants at the workshop contributed ideas to a draft on sharing information, experiences and measures to strengthen Da Nang city’s climate change resilience.

The ideas will be the foundation for the city to complete its climate change resilience strategy and implement activities to deal with the problem in the coming time.

Climate change has become a global challenge and the more increasing and complicated natural disasters are requiring countries’ cooperation in seeking measures to mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

Da Nang city joined the ACCCRN in February 2009. With the assistance of Rockefeller Foundation and the UK’s “Challenge to Change” organisation, the city has implemented a climate change resilience strategy to analyse climate change impacts and take actions against the problem.

The city has also carried out two pilot sub-projects on coastal tree planting and building a ship pulling system in Son Tra district.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

VN-Denmark workshop to search for improving keys to local cultural industry

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The Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism once again will join hands to host a workshop within the Danish supported project, “Dialogue amongst cultural decision and opinion makers,” during two consecutive days, beginning May 13, at the Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel

The third workshop jointly held by Denmark and Vietnam will be launched on May 13 and remain open till the next day, featuring topics related to cultural industries (Photo: Embassy of Denmark)Participants in the workshop are leaders from the Ministry, representatives from cultural institutions, arts associations, media, NGOs, cultural researchers, lecturers and local artists.
This year’s workshop titled, “Cultural Industry: its role in the economy and a suitable policy framework for its development in Viet Nam,” aims to create a forum for dialogue, discussion and the sharing of experiences on policies to support cultural industries amongst policy makers, managers and researchers from Vietnam and Denmark, within the context of globalization.  The workshop is expected to provide a reference for Vietnamese policy makers to develop supportive policies and mechanisms to promote cultural arts.
The first day is scheduled to kick off with two presentations by Danish expert Mr. Jens Nielsen. The first is titled “Cultural Industry: its role in the economy and policies for its development,” which he divides into three parts (the world in general, Europe, and Denmark specifically). The second presentation focuses on “Experiences and practical lessons of Denmark in building up policy for the development of cultural industry”.
The opinions of two Vietnamese keynote speakers, Dr. Nguyen Van Tinh and Dr. Luong Hong Quang, are sure to enhance the workshop.  The two noteworthy minds are scheduled to lead respective discussions regarding “Creative industry in Vietnam: current situation and suitable policy for its development,” and the “Role of creative industry in economic development in Vietnam”.
The second day will feature case studies for the creative industries of Vietnam and will be led by BHD Co. and VinaGame Software Co. Their presentation will be followed by discussion sessions focusing on possible solutions and suitable policies for the development of cultural industries in Vietnam.
The inaugural workshop was organized in 2007 with the theme “Cultural identity and diversity” where a Danish specialist was invited to present a research paper entitled “cultural policy and development trends”, together with two other presentations from Vietnam. The second workshop, with its the theme “Models for art funding,” took two years to develop. Once again a Danish expert was invited to give a presentation on the subject based on experiences accrued Denmark.
The current project, “Vietnam – Denmark Development Cooperation in Culture”, based on the strategy set out in the Danish Strategy for Development Cooperation 2006-2010 with Vietnam. The strategy seeks to promote creativity and people’s access and participation in the arts, as well as diversity within Vietnamese society.  The development objective of Development Cooperation in Culture is: “People in Vietnam have access to and participates in arts that are culturally diverse”.

Source: SGGP

Workshop calls for more advocacy for the disabled

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Workshop calls for more advocacy for the disabled

QĐND – Thursday, April 01, 2010, 21:37 (GMT+7)

The Vietnam General Confederation of Labour in coordination with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) held a workshop in HCM City on April 1 to discuss measures to help disabled people integrate more into the community.

Many participants at the workshop agreed that its is necessary to accelerate the dissemination of information to raise advocacy and awareness on the community’s responsibilities in caring for and assisting disabled people, as well as complete the draft law on employment for the disabled before submission to the National Assembly for approval.

They also mentioned helping the disabled in vocational training, finding outlets for their products and establishing funds for job generation.

According to Tran Van Tu, Director of the Policies and Mechanism Section under the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, so far, eight provinces have set up job generation funds for the disabled, but only three of them have been put into operation.

Currently, the disabled can only find jobs at establishments that are specifically designed to hire them, and which pay low salaries.

Over 5.4 million people across Vietnam are living with disabilities, making up 6.34 percent of the population.

According to statistics of the Social Welfare Department under the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs, 36 percent of the disabled in Vietnam are illiterate, 25 percent are employed, between 65-70 percent are living off support from their families, and over 30 percent of them are living in poverty.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Workshop on human rights education

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Workshop on human rights education

QĐND – Saturday, October 10, 2009, 22:22 (GMT+7)

Researchers from Vietnamese and Danish institutes discussed human rights education at a workshop held in Hanoi on Oct. 9 by the Vietnam Academy of Social Science and the Danish Embassy.

Dr Nguyen Tai Dong from the Institute of Philosophy under the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, said that a strategy for developing human rights education should aim for the goal of helping people understand and exercise their human rights, as well as encouraging them to fulfil their own social responsibilities.

Human rights must be written into the law for their practice and protection to take place in daily life. Human rights education must also be provided through different channels, he said. Apart from strengthening traditional channels, such as family and school, other social channels need to be identified.

Vietnam has been paying more attention to human rights and in educating its people on the issue in terms of political and legal thought, according to the workshop.

The country needs to build a national programme on human rights education, making it part of the core curriculum in education reform, the workshop said.

The workshop drew scientists from the Institute of Human Studies, Institute of State and Law, the universities of law in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the People’s Security Academy and the Danish Institute of Human Rights.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Workshop on provinces human resource development and growth

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Hanoi (VNA) – The National University of Economics (NUE) held a workshop on Vietnam ’s human resources and economic growth in provinces and cities in Hanoi on Sept. 30.

The workshop aimed to define education needs for each province and region for the target of higher economic growth.

Reports delivered at the workshop indicated that among Red River Delta and northeastern provinces, Hanoi , Hai Duong , Nam Dinh, Ha Nam , Thai Binh, Bac Giang and Phu Tho provinces have the highest literacy rates. In mountainous provinces, including Ha Giang, Son La, Lai Chau and Gia Lai, however, the rates are lowest, resulting in low economic growth rates and incomes

According to a World Bank study on tertiary education and skills andVietnam’s growth, 75 percent of Vietnamese holders of university degrees are working in education and training, service and public service sectors.

Prof. Tran Tho Dat of NUE suggested southern and low-income provinces should promote primary education universalisation. While provinces in the Red river delta, the northeastern and north central provinces should develop high-quality labour force to continue boosting their development.-

First chemistry workshop for overseas Vietnamese

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Hanoi (VNA) – The first workshop on chemistry and chemistry technology for overseas Vietnamese will be held in Paris, France, between November 7-8.

The workshop organisers expect to attract more than 100 scientists, including overseas Vietnamese and those living in Vietnam , said the organising board, adding it aims to build links between Vietnamese chemists, regardless their work is at home or overseas.

According to the Overseas Vietnamese Committee, 300,000 out of 3 million overseas Vietnamese living in 90 countries and territories are intellectuals, with the majority residing in France, the US and Australia.-