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Japan knife rampage on buses leaves 13 wounded

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TOKYO (AFP) – A Japanese man with a knife went on a rampage on two packed buses Friday and wounded 13 people, mostly teenage school children, by slashing and beating them and sparking a panicked stampede.

Police said they had arrested 27-year-old unemployed Yuta Saito after the attacks during the morning rush hour outside Toride railway station, about 40 kilometres (25 miles) northeast of Tokyo.

(AFP) Policemen inspect buses after a Japanese man with a knife went on a rampage on two packed buses Friday

“The suspect got onto the buses and wielded a knife and slashed passengers,” said a local police spokesman after the bloody attack with what media reports said was a 25-centimetre (10-inch) kitchen knife.

Passengers subdued the attacker, who also sustained some injuries.

“I wanted to end my life,” he was later quoted as saying by broadcaster NHK.

The knife attack in Japan, where violent crime is rare, evoked memories of a far bloodier stabbing spree in 2008 when a man killed seven people in Tokyo, running over three with a truck and stabbing four to death.

Friday morning’s attacks left 13 people wounded, none with life-threatening injuries. Among the victims were seven girls and four boys from junior high and high schools and two women aged 49 and 59, reports said.

The man slashed at least five passengers, a local fire department official said. He punched others and triggered a panicked flight from the buses that left the remaining victims injured.

“People screamed: ‘Run. A man with a knife is getting in’. I was scared, so scared,” said one woman, speaking on television.

Another woman said: “There was an uproar. High school students were running out, and I saw a schoolboy bleeding from his forehead.”

The driver of the first bus that was attacked told NHK: “There were some 50 passengers on the bus when the man entered.

“First, I thought it was a fight among students. But then I heard a scream and I thought this isn’t normal. I saw the man wielding a knife, and I quickly opened the door to let the students flee. That’s all I could do.”

The attacks stunned the local community in Ibaraki prefecture.

“It’s an unforgivable act,” said Kenji Takezawa, deputy principal of Edogawa Gakuen school, some of whose students were among the victims.

“We gathered our students in our hall and told them to stay calm,” he said, adding that all afternoon classes were cancelled.

The National Police Agency said this week that the number of criminal cases detected by police in 2010 looks set to total below 1.6 million for the first time in 23 years, Kyodo News reported.

Murders, attempted murders and conspiracy to murder are on track to hit a new post-war low this year, with 988 cases reported by the end of November, down 2.8 percent from last year, the report said.

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Child artists bring joy to wounded and sick soldiers

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Child artists bring joy to wounded and sick soldiers

QĐND – Friday, July 23, 2010, 20:42 (GMT+7)

PANO – 41 child artists from Hanoi Children’s Palace have recently visited wounded and sick soldiers in the Thuan Thanh War-Invalids Treatment and ConvalesceCenter in BacNinhProvince and Liem Can Seriously Wounded and Sick Soldiers Treatment and ConvalesceCenter in Ha Nam Province.

The young guests sung a number of songs praising the country, the sacrifice of soldiers in the war for national independence and salvation as well as childhood.

Their performance brought the war invalids back to their student-age, and partly relieved their physical pains and brightened their spiritual life.

Along with songs, the young artists also presented pictures painted by themselves to those who had devoted their youth for the country.

The visit is part of numerous significant activities towards the 63rd commemoration of War-Invalids and Martyrs’ Day on July 27th, and was a good opportunity for the younger generation to know more about the sacrifice of soldiers as well as to express their gratitude to them.

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

More activities launched for martyrs and wounded soldiers

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More activities launched for martyrs and wounded soldiers

QĐND – Friday, July 23, 2010, 20:42 (GMT+7)

PANO – A delegation of officers and doctors from the Logistics Department under the Vietnam People’s Army Political General Department have visited and presented gifts to Vietnamese heroic mothers and social beneficiaries in Thang Binh District in Quang Nam Province on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day (July 27th).

Each gifts worth 1,800,000 VND was presented to Vietnamese heroic mothers and their families. In addition, military doctors of the delegation cooperated with local doctors to provide free check-ups and medicines to nearly 200 residents.

The Air Force and Air Defence Service sent groups to visit and present gifts to three recuperation centres for wounded and sick soldiers in Ninh Binh, Bac Ninh and Ha Nam Provinces. These groups also visited and gave gifts to Vietnamese heroic mothers and social beneficiaries in the areas.

On this occasion, the Service completed the construction of 2 houses and presented them to families of a martyr and a wounded soldier in Chiem Hoa District in Tuyen Quang Province.

Also, two houses of gratitude have been presented to families of two martyrs in Hai Phong City.  These houses were built by Company 789 of the General Staff and the Hai Phong City’s Military Command.

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Pope says he leads a ‘wounded and sinner’ church

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VATICAN CITY (AFP) – Pope Benedict XVI admitted to world cardinals Monday that he led a “wounded and sinner” Church, as he marked five tumultuous years in charge, most recently mired in paedophile priest scandals.

The pontiff “evoked the sins of the Church”, describing it as “wounded and sinner” to some 50 cardinals gathered for his anniversary, the Vatican daily L’Osservatore Romano said.

Pope Benedict XVI addreses a gathering of cardinals as he marks the fifth anniversary of his pontification at the Vatican. AFP photo

He “feels very strongly that he is not alone”, the paper reported the pontiff as saying, he “has at his sides the whole college of cardinals who are sharing with him vicissitudes and reassurance”.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi defended the embattled pope, telling Radio Vatican the priorities Benedict had defined after his election were being “pursued with coherence and courage” despite “tensions” and “obstacles”.

Waves of allegations sweeping the Church in Europe and the Americas had also been the backdrop to a tearful meeting between the pope and abuse victims on Sunday in Malta, one of the latest countries to be hit by sex abuse scandals.

In his third meeting with victims of child-molesting priests — the other two were during trips to Australia and the United States in 2008 — Benedict had expressed his “shame and sorrow” over the scourge.

Lawrence Grech, one of eight Maltese abuse victims who met the pope, told AFP: “He listened to us individually, and prayed and cried with us.”

Little fanfare accompanied the pope’s five-year milestone.

At a gathering of religious officials in Jerusalem, the head of the Pontifical Institute of Notre-Dame, Juan Solana, said “this year the Holy Father is attacked and his Church too”.

But while the Vatican and senior bishops have rallied around the pope, he has come under increasing pressure over allegations that the Vatican hierarchy, himself included, helped protect predator priests.

The paedophilia crisis has also shifted the focus away from other flashpoints that have marked Benedict’s papacy so far.

The pope found himself in his first full-blown crisis in September 2006 when he unleashed fury in the Muslim world with a speech in which he appeared to endorse the view of an obscure 14th-century Byzantine emperor that Islam is inherently violent.

It is with Judaism, however, that Benedict has had the most frequent brushes, notably when he lifted the excommunication of traditionalist bishop Richard Williamson, who has insisted that there were no Nazi gas chambers.

In 2008, Benedict allowed the revival of a Good Friday prayer “for the conversion of the Jews”, which had been thrown out by Vatican II in the 1960s.

Catholic-Jewish relations improved with a series of fence-mending statements and gestures by the Vatican and the pontiff, notably Benedict’s trip to Israel in May last year during which he prayed at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall.

But in December, Jews were up in arms once again when the pope moved his World War II-era predecessor pope Pius XII a step closer to sainthood with a decree bestowing the title “venerable”.

Ill-advised remarks dealing with the paedophilia priest scandals by officials close to the German pontiff have inflicted collateral damage on relations both with Jews and with gays.

Early this month the pope’s personal preacher evoked a parallel between anti-Semitism and the drumbeat of criticism against the Church for its handling of the paedophilia crisis.

And Benedict’s right-hand man, Cardinal Tercisio Bertone, sparked worldwide condemnation by linking paedophilia and homosexuality.

Vatican watcher John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter told AFP: “In terms of business management, this pontificate goes from one crisis to the other.”

Source: SGGP

One dead, three wounded in Hungary college shooting

In World on November 27, 2009 at 6:13 am

A student opened fire at a university in the southern Hungarian city of Pecs Thursday, killing one student and wounding three other people, a university spokesman said.

Zoltan Gyorffy, press chief of Pecs University, told Reuters the shooting happened at the biophysics research institute and the attacker was a pharmacology student.

He said the student opened fire and killed another student. Another student, a teacher and a cleaner were seriously hurt.

“Both the attacker and the victim were Hungarians,” Gyorffy said.

Ambulance spokesman Pal Gyorfi confirmed that one person died in the attack and said three more were severely injured.

National news agency MTI said the police had caught the 23-year-old attacker, whose motives were unknown.

Police declined to comment and said they would hold a news conference.

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26 wounded in twin bombs in Iraq shrine city

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Two bombs within minutes of each other exploded at a restaurant early Wednesday in Iraq’s shrine city of Karbala, wounding at least 26 people, police and medical officials said.

An Iraqi soldier stands guard along a highway near Karbala. (AFP Photo)

The first bomb targeted diners inside the restaurant in the heart of the city, located 110 kilometres (69 miles) south of the capital Baghdad, around 9:00 am (0600 GMT), causing several injuries, police said.

However, a second bomb minutes later, after an ambulance and medics had arrived to help the wounded, caused most of the casualties.

A senior health official for Karbala province told AFP that at least 26 people had been wounded in the attacks.

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3 bomb blasts leave 5 dead, 25 wounded in India

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Three bombs exploded in India’s restive northeast Sunday, killing five people and wounding more than 25, police said.

Five people died after two blasts went off within minutes of each other outside a police station in Nalbari town near the Assam state capital, Gauhati, a local police official said.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity as he is not authorized to speak to the media, said about five minutes later a third blast occurred a few miles (kilometers) away. More than 25 people have been wounded in the three blasts.

India’s northeast is beset by scores of conflicts. More than 10,000 people have died in separatist violence over the past decade. The region is home to dozens of separatist groups who accuse the government of exploiting the area’s natural resources while doing little for the indigenous people.

Assam’s Inspector General of police Bhaskar Mahanta said authorities suspect the militant separatist group United Liberation Front of Asom is behind the blasts. No group claimed responsibility.

Mahanta said the bombers had parked two bicycles fitted with carriers packed with explosives outside the Nalbari police station, which is located in a congested part of the town. These went off, killing passers-by and wounding the others.

Mahanta said police had received intelligence reports suggesting that the ULFA was planning to avenge last week’s arrest of two of the group’s leaders.

Last week, suspected ULFA rebels triggered a powerful explosion, derailing a freight train and setting more than a dozen oil tanker railcars on fire in Assam.

The ULFA has spurned the Indian government’s offer to hold talks with them on condition that the group give up violence.

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25 wounded in search for US troops missing in Afghanistan

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A search for two US soldiers missing in northwest Afghanistan continued after 25 soldiers were wounded in what one Western official said may have been a friendly-fire incident during the hunt.

Local police said a party looking for the two missing soldiers clashed with Taliban and that alliance aircraft were called in to provide support.

While the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) withheld official comment on how the 25 were wounded, police said the casualties occurred when the air strike mistakenly targeted international troops.

A Western military officer who spoke on condition of anonymity told AFP it appeared to be a “blue-on-blue incident,” or friendly fire, with “a huge number of casualties.”

NATO began its search operation in the barren, rugged area together with Afghan forces after the two paratroopers, from the 82nd Airborne Division, went missing on Wednesday during a routine supply mission.

Afghan police said the two had drowned.

As far as the injured were concerned, an ISAF statement said only that initial reports “indicate more than 25 ISAF and Afghan National Security Force members were wounded” during a joint operation in western Afghanistan.

“The wounded service members were initially treated on the scene and subsequently flown to an ISAF medical facility for further treatment.”

It added that the force was searching for “two missing US Army soldiers”.

“We are committed to taking every measure possible to rescue or recover our missing service members. We continue to do everything we can to find them,” the statement quoted US Navy Captain Jane Campbell as saying.

The deputy police chief of the northwestern province of Badghis, Abdul Jabar Saleh, said the missing men had drowned while trying to recover airdropped packages and that their bodies had not yet been recovered.

He said a number of NATO and Afghan personnel had died as they came up against Taliban militants during the search on Friday and that alliance aircraft carried out air strikes.

“In the afternoon… during the search operation launched to find the two drowned American soldiers, a clash took place with Taliban. Then aircraft mistakenly bombed the Afghan and NATO defence lines,” he said.

Information on casualties was unclear, he said, putting the number of American soldiers “dead or wounded” at seven.

Two Afghan soldiers had been killed and 12 wounded, he said, adding that three Afghan police had also been killed and one other wounded.

“We don’t have an exact breakdown because helicopters came and evacuated the casualties out of the area.”

A Taliban spokesman said the toll was far higher than the Afghan police or NATO were reporting.

“There was… a firefight between Taliban and Afghan and foreign forces in Murghab district of Badghis province. The fighting lasted for hours and was very intense, at a close distance,” said the spokesman, Qari Yusuf Ahmadi.

“By the end of the day, foreign forces bombed the area where the clash was going on, and due to their own bombing, 32 foreign and 43 Afghan soldiers were killed.”

Meanwhile, UN chief Ban Ki-moon said about 200 UN expatriate staff would be temporarily relocated outside Afghanistan in the wake of a deadly rebel attack on a guesthouse on October 28 which killed five UN workers.

“Approximately 200 will relocate to other duty stations in the region,” the UN Secretary General told reporters in New York after briefing the Security Council on his recent visit to Kabul.

“It is not 600 as has been reported by some media,” he added. “We are not evacuating. We will not, cannot and must not be deterred. Our work will continue.”

UN officials said another 400 expatriates were being relocated to safer sites within Afghanistan.

There are more than 100,000 troops under NATO and US command deployed to Afghanistan to fight a Taliban insurgency that is now at its deadliest in the eight years since US-led troops toppled the Islamist regime in Kabul.

US President Barack Obama is currently considering a request from his military commanders to boost troop numbers by up to 40,000, a decision that is not likely to be made public for a number of weeks yet.

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