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Yahoo! banks on mobile devices for its future growth

In Uncategorized on June 18, 2010 at 4:32 am

SINGAPORE, June 16, 2010 (AFP) – Yahoo! is banking on mobile devices for future growth — particularly in Asia — as consumers leapfrog cumbersome computers to access the Internet via feature-packed handheld gadgets.

The US Internet giant believes “smartphones” with better operating systems, high-speed Internet networks, falling prices and a plethora of content will fuel the mobile boom.

Markets in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia will lead the way, Yahoo! executives said at a telecom trade fair in Singapore.

A promoter displays the yahoo application on an Alcatel smartphone at the CommunicAsia 2010 conference and exhibition show in Singapore on June 15, 2010. AFP

“We see a significant number of people who will have their first Internet experience on their mobile phone,” said Matthias Kunze, Asia-Pacific managing director for Yahoo! Mobile.

In Indonesia, mobile data subscribers have outnumbered users of personal computers, Kunz told AFP on Tuesday on the sidelines of the CommunicAsia 2010 technology conference and exhibition.

India has about 40-50 million PCs but this is far fewer than the estimated 550 million mobile subscribers, of whom around 20 million use their handheld gadgets to access the Internet.

Industry players said companies like Yahoo! will be well-placed as Asia gets increasingly wired into high-speed Internet technology.

The Broadband Forum, a consortium promoting high-speed Internet access, said Wednesday that Asia now accounts for almost a third of the global market, challenging Europe’s dominance.

“New applications such as video, social networking, many of these things that are coming onscreen, the critical driver… will be broadband,” said Bill Barney, chief executive of telecommunications service provider Pacnet.

Kunze said mobile phones play a crucial role in information technology because they are the world’s most ubiquitous devices.

“Maybe there are only more toothbrushes in the world than mobile phones,” he said.

Irv Henderson, vice president for product management at California-based Yahoo!, said the Asia-Pacific currently accounts for 25-30 percent of the company’s global mobile audience.

This is projected to grow by “double or triple digits” in the next two to three years, Kunze added.

Yahoo! Mobile is positioning itself to be ahead of the game, with special focus on India, Indonesia and other emerging Asian markets.

At CommunicAsia, it announced the availability of a mobile phone made by China’s TCT Mobile under the Alcatel brand.

It features an embedded one-touch button that links users directly to a suite of Yahoo! services such as Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger.

The phone, priced at under 100 US dollars, will be launched in India by the end of July and subsequently in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand within this year.

Yahoo! also announced a scheme in which the Yahoo! Messenger application programme interface, or API, will be made available to “partners and third-party developers” in the Asia-Pacific.

“We believe by opening up our API it will foster innovation in this region,” said Henderson.

Last month, Yahoo! announced a “strategic alliance” under which Nokia will supply maps and navigation services to the web company. Yahoo! will then provide email and chat to the world’s top mobile phone maker.

Yahoo! has also acquired Koprol, an Indonesian Internet service that lets people use mobile phones to instantly connect with nearby users.

“We are operating on the thesis that tens and hundreds of millions of users will come to mobile data over the next five years. We see a phenomenal opportunity through our partnerships,” Henderson said.

Kunze added: “The world has changed in the last 24 months and that’s why we also have to embrace this change and make sure that the whole company breathes and lives mobile. I think this is happening.”

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Yahoo! promotes local internet usage

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HA NOI — Yahoo! on Wednesday introduced its Open Strategy and the Yahoo! Developer Network to Viet Nam’s ICT community to promote local internet development in one of the most rapidly emerging IT markets in the region.

The workshop, held in conjunction with FPT University in Ha Noi, will introduce its search technology, the Yahoo! BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service) and the API (Application Protocol Interface).

Yahoo!’s Open Strategy is a company-wide plan to re-wire itself as an open platform, which will allow third party publishers, developers, and advertisers to build new applications on Yahoo!’s world-class computing infrastructure and leverage the benefits of its massive search index, enormous user base and rich social graph.

This technology will allow web developers and search companies in Viet Nam to create new applications on Yahoo! Search to achieve widespread use, the US-based internet company said.

The event is part of Yahoo!’s efforts to promote the exchange of technical knowledge which will help the growth of Viet Nam’s ICT industry.

“We hope the same co-operation will be promoted to offer opportunities and benefits for students in general, and FPT University in particular, to update and integrate them into the world’s technology trends,” said FPT University vice president Nguyen Xuan Phong.

“Yahoo! believes in sharing expertise, and its underlying technology can provide tremendous benefits for new internet companies to grow and be able to offer more essential internet experiences for people in Viet Nam,” said Vu Minh Tri, chief representative of Yahoo! Southeast Asia’s representative office in Viet Nam.

Meanwhile, the Yahoo! Developer Network is the central online source of information for developers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and online industry partners to learn about opportunities to leverage Yahoo! as a platform to build their own applications.

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Yahoo! authorises four Vietnamese resellers

In Uncategorized on July 3, 2008 at 7:02 pm

Yahoo! Southeast Asia announced on June 11 it has selected four Vietnamese information technology companies to become its authorised resellers.

The resellers will promote and sell various forms of Yahoo! online advertising to companies and brands in Vietnam.

The selected Vietnamese resellers include Admax Network Holdings Limited, FPT Advertising Services (FPT ADS), GAPIT, and Golden Communications Group.

Yahoo!’s move is seen as a pivotal step in “Vietnamising” its services for millions of Vietnamese users to make Yahoo! the favoured launch pad for local web surfers.

According to Director General of Yahoo! Southeast Asia in Vietnam, Vu Minh Tri, Yahoo! has a strategy to utilise its global expertise to promote the internet as a means to bring economic opportunities to its partners and encourage the use of the internet to develop businesses.