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Over 150,000 young people join blood donation event

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A festival for young people to donate blood was held in 13 cities and provinces nationwide on January 9. The festival attracted over 150,000 young people, in which more than 82,000 registered to donated blood. A total number of blood units collected was 20,000 units.

Young people register to donate blood in Hanoi on January 9. (Photo:VOV)

The festival launched by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to cerebrate Student’s Day (January 9) and the Youth Year of 2011 was held in the following areas: Hanoi, Tuyen Quang, Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh, Ha Tinh, Thua Thien – Hue, Khanh Hoa, Kon Tum, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Can Tho and Kien Giang.

In Hanoi, the festival was held at Thong Nhat Park, in the Hai Ba Trung District. The event attracted more than 120,000 young people and representatives from ministries and various departments.

At the opening ceremony, 61 outstanding students, that had donated blood more than five times, were specially honoured for their blood donations. On the January 9, 15,000 young people registered in Hanoi to donate blood.

It is estimated that 2,000 units of blood was collected yesterday in the capital.

Dr. Nguyen Anh Tri, director of the Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, said the number of blood units collected would be used for emergency cases at hospitals.

Dr. Tri said the institute receives 10,000-20,000 units of blood on average per month, which meets about 60 percent of our demand; therefore, these events save people’s lives.

In Ho Chi Minh City, on the same day a similar event took place. This event was sponsor by the Committee of HCMC Communist Youth Union, with the Cho Ray Hospital and the city’s Haematology and Blood Transfusion Centre.

The event attracted more than 1,000 young people, who donated 1,000 units of blood.

In conclusion, the number of young people registering to give blood for 2011 is expected to be over 68,800 units of blood in the city.

Source: SGGP

7th Int’l Young Innovation Exhibition on Science and Technology opens

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7th Int’l Young Innovation Exhibition on Science and Technology opens

QĐND – Thursday, December 16, 2010, 21:4 (GMT+7)

The seventh the 7th International Contest and Exhibition for Young Innovators opened in Hanoi on December 16.

The event was organised by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA), the Ministries of Finance, Public Security and Foreign Trade and the Vietnam Innovation Fund of Science and Technology (VIFOTEC). It attracted representatives from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation and delegates from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China) and Vietnam.

More than 400 contestants who are adolescents and young people at the age of 6-19 from 22 countries and territories attended the contest and exhibition. Vietnam is represented by more than 100 students from 25 provinces and cities with 89 projects and products, many of which have been already applied widely and proved their usefulness.

They competed in five fields of learning aids, software, children toys and entertainment tools, environmental protection solutions and energy saving measures.

The exhibition is held at the Hanoi Friendship Palace on December 16-18.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Young fashion designers to take part in Hong Kong Fashion Week

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Nguyen Thi Diem My and Ha Nhat Tien, the two winners of the Aquafina Pure Fashion 2010 contest, will be Vietnam’ representatives at the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2011.

        Young Fashion designer Nguyen Thi Diem My (L)

These two young fashion designers have improved their designs in accordance with international fashion trends. They hope to present a new look of Vietnamese fashion and young designers’ ability.

The annual Aquafina Pure Fashion design competition, launched by PepsiCo, aims to discover young talented fashion designers in Vietnam.

Hong Kong Fashion Week for the Fall/Winter will take place from January 10-17 2011 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. It is hoped that this convention will present to the world the latest trends of the fashion industry, and promote a wealth of business opportunities.

Visitors will have a chance to enjoy the latest collections from famous brand names such as Vivienne Westwood, MANGO, Fontani, Lacompel Di Landi Andrea, Moda Immagine, Moiselle and Rabeanco.

This is second largest fashion fair in the world and it is expected to gather over 1,700 suppliers of garments, accessories and fashion-related products.

Source: SGGP

US young congressmen explore HCM City

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US young congressmen explore HCM City

QĐND – Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 20:52 (GMT+7)

A delegation of the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) Council have expressed their keen interest in metro, belt road, monorail and other traffic infrastructure development projects in Ho Chi Minh City.

At a reception in HCM City on Nov. 22, Permanent Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee, Nguyen Thanh Tai, briefed the young US congressmen from Tennessee, Minnesota, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Washington D.C and Maine States of the city’s socio-economic development.

The delegation’s visit to Hanoi , Hue and HCM City has helped them better understand about Vietnam ’s country, people and culture, they said.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Charity educates young Vietnamese

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Young man finds success with cricket business

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A poor young man, who had to leave university due to financial burden, has successfully set up a cricket-raising career on a farm he named Thien An, which attracts visitors and provides crickets for restaurants in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong.

Foreign tourists take photograph of a cricket basin at Thien An cricket farm (Photo: SGGP)

Nguyen Quang Huy, 28, followed his family to Lam Dong Province from the northern province of Bac Giang in 2001. The new life in the highlands was not easy, as Huy had to leave university to assist his family.

The thought of raising crickets came to Huy after he visited a cricket farm in Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City. He then began studying the process of breeding crickets and came to Cu Chi to learn more.

After becoming familiar with the process, Huy wrote a proposal on cricket-raising development and asked Lam Ha District authorities to finance it. The district Bank for Social Policies finally lent him VND150 million (US$8,000) to open a cricket farm.

With the initial capital, Huy built a 300 square meter farm with over 200 cricket basins in Nam Ban Commune, 50 kilometers from Dalat City.

Now established for more than a year, the farm obtains over 200 trays of cricket eggs a month, each tray bringing him VND50,000 and 25 kilograms of crickets, which he sells to restaurants in Dalat City.

After calculating costs, the 200 cricket basins yield him over VND70 million (US$3,700) in net profit, Huy said.

The Thien An cricket farm has been chosen as a tourist destination by Dalat City travel companies. The farm receives from five to seven delegations of visitors each day, who come to learn about the phases of breeding crickets and to enjoy cricket-based foods such as cricket fired with citronella and chili and fried power-dip crickets.

Huy’s foremost specialty is young crickets. The farm usually freezes these crickets, which sell for 25 percent more than what mature crickets fetch.

Source: SGGP

Young interpreter helps foreigners visit Tra Vinh

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An 11 year old boy with good English skills has become an familliar interpreter for foreign visitors to his hometown in the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh.


Tran Quang Khai poses with his foreign friends in Tra Vinh Province (Photo: SGGP)

Tran Quang Khai’s mother believed that her father, a retired English teacher, has triggered Khai’s aptitude for English as he usually sang English songs while bathing the boy since the boy was a baby.

Since being at grade 2, Khai was enrolled for an English class at Victory foreign language center of Tra Vinh University, where he became the youngest student.

Up to now, Khai has obtained many international certificates like Cambridge Young Learners English Test-STARTERS, MOVERS and FLYERS and KET Certificate of the Cambridge University in England.

Recalling the path of becoming an amateur interpreter, Khai told during the last Tet holidays, he saw an American man asking to buy a bicycle at a park. However, no one understood what he said.

Thus, Khai guided the man to buy the bicycle. The boy then had lunch with the man and introduced him landscapes in Tra Vinh.

Thenceforward, whenever meeting foreigners, Khai actively gets acquaintance with them to practice English.

Khai has interpreted for hundreds of visitors from the US, Canada, French and Italia. He said he just wanted to help foreign visitors and to improve English.

Besides English, Khai is also good at other subjects, especially mathematics, literature and music with beautiful voice and polish piano performance.

Source: SGGP

Training young maths talents discussed in online chat

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How to discover and nurture young mathematic talents is the theme of an online chat held Wednesday by Sai Gon Giai Phong, which was attended by education officials and school principles in Ho Chi Minh City.

A view of the online exchange titled “Discovering and nurturing young mathematics talents” organized by SGGP on Wednesday (Photo: SGGP)

Mathematic talent development is a long process, which must be conducted from primary schools and require continual training and nurture at higher grades, said Dr. Tran Nam Dung, lecturer from the HCMC University of Natural Sciences when opening the chat.

To know if having aptitude for mathematics, students should participate in mathematical competitions, do exams in reference books, and contact with experienced teachers for help, according to Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, vice principle of the High School for the Gifted.

The city’s education always pays attention to discover and nurture gifted students since primary grade. However, the training work still lacks of inheritance among schools, said Nguyen Hoai Chuong, deputy director of the Education and Training Department.

To train and encourage gifted students, HCMC schools usually gather them in special classes instructed by best teachers, exempt them from tuition fees and give scholarships.

The Government has built an Institute of Mathematics, costing thousands of billions of dong, which is expected to muster leading mathematicians in the world.

However, the number of Vietnamese mathematicians with research work of international stature is still limited, Mr. Chuong said. He hoped that the Government in future will have more effective policies to develop Vietnam’s mathematics.

Teacher Tran Duc Huyen from Le Hong Phong High School shared that right after discovering mathematics talents, his school granted them scholarships to study until they complete university.

The school also organizes scientific clubs to promote students’ passion to study and do scientific researches.

Source: SGGP

TV serial for young viewers on summer vacation

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Teenagers and children are enjoying last days of summer vacation with some interesting and useful TV serials.

 A scene in the TV serial titled Mau cua tinh yeu (Color of love).

The 32-part serial titled Mau cua tinh yeu (Color of love) directed by Hung Phuong tells about the effervescency, enthusiasm, spontaneity and humor of young people who live well with a meaningful and exacting goal.

Young singers Luu Minh Tuan (a member of the A# band), Minh Thuan, Thien Vuong, Luong Bich Huu and Khong Tu Quynh take part in the film which is broadcast on Ho Chi Minh City TV’s HTV7 channel from Thursday to Sunday every week at 8.45 pm.

The picture Doi mat (facing) featuring famous actors and actresses including Thanh Thuc, Minh Hang, Minh Luan and Thuy Trang is also attracting people on HTV7 channel from Thursday to Saturday at 1 pm.

The film directed by Nguyen Quang includes 40 parts. It tells about secrets of life of the twin girls Phuong Linh and Phuong Nga.

The 12-part film titled Doi dien voi tu than (Facing with the Death) praises responsibility and spirit’s strength to overcome the difficulties as well as criticizes the way of pragmatic lifestyle of young people.

It is airing on Vietnam TV’s VTV9 channel from Monday to Wednesday at 7.55 pm.

A scene in the film Ngoi den co tich (The legendary temple)

The TV serial Thuy Khuc, named after the main charater in the film, was directed by Dang Luu Viet Bao, focusing on mistakes and humanity in looking for the importance of life goals of every people.

The film consisting of 32 parts attracts audience on HTV7 channel at 8.45 pm.

Ngoi den con tich (The legendary temple) containing interesting and exciting stories is the unique children film on HTV7 channel every Monday at 7 pm.

The film directed by Bui Quoc Bao not only entertains but educates young viewers has been adapted into a 22-episode TV series.

Source: SGGP

Young Vietnamese players to compete at regional football tournament

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Young Vietnamese players to compete at regional football tournament

QĐND – Monday, October 04, 2010, 21:47 (GMT+7)

The Vietnamese U19 National Squad will play Jordan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan at the final round of the Asian U19 Football Championship 2010.

At 4.30pm on October 4 in China, the young Vietnamese players play their first match with Jordan, a strong team in the region.

This is the first time the Vietnamese U19 squad will play at the final round of the football tournament, however, the team will try to earn 3 points from its first match.

According to coach Trieu Quang Ha, the squad, with young players gathered from national tournaments, have prepared carefully for the upcoming matches played last month, and he hoped that the team will try its best during the tournament.

Earlier, the Vietnam U19 squad won two matches and drew one against the Korean U19 squad, said to be one of the best teams in the region.

Source: NLD

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND